Inside: Coolest Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas To Revamp Your Space.

Your bedroom is the place in your house where you spend most of your time. Whether that be sleeping, doing homework, or just simply lounging, your room is where to do it. When you spend so much time in one place, it is important to make sure that you enjoy how your space looks. You may have decorated your room when you were young, but have you redecorated at all?

As you grow older, your hobbies and ideas change along with you. So naturally, your space should too.

If you have recently looked around your room and were unhappy with what you found, you have picked the right article.

Best Teen Boy Room Ideas

Today I am going to go over 80 of the Best Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas that will spark your creative inspiration. After looking at this list, your bedroom will be a space that you are excited to walk into. There are lots of different ideas, so I know you are going to find a few that you will enjoy.

Think about what styles you like and which you don’t when looking through these. Take a look!

Simple Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

First up, we have some great ideas that lean more on the simple side. You don’t need to have a grand design in your room to make it enjoyable for yourself. The important thing is that you like it, and it is a reflection of the person you are. Check these out and see which ones are the most you.

1. Star Wars Themed Shelves

2. Cool Work Desktop for Homework

3. Simple Room with Hat Collection

4. Cool Skate Boarder Decor

5. Used Skateboard Wall Hang

6. Minimalistic Teen Room Perfect for Minimalists

7. Simple Room with Floating Shelves

8. Clean Room with Simple Mirror

9. Grey and White Bed with Cute Concept

10. 2 Tone Green Room

11. Cool Overhead Lighting in Black and White

12. Galaxy Themed Room

13. Modern Boy Bedroom with Great Decor

14. Overhead Gold Lamps

15. Trevor’s Teen Room with Large Trevor Sign

Sports Themed Rooms

I have a teenage brother, so I know how intense the love of sports can become. It’s nice to be able to represent your team in your room because it is something that you are passionate about. So this list is full of some awesome ideas for you sports lovers out there.

I made sure to include a good mix of different sports and styles, so hopefully, there is something for you here!

16. Simple Sports Bedroom Idea

17. Cool Sports Decor For Teen Room

18. Unique Basketball Themed Room

19. Sports Themed Bedroom with Chairs

20. Signed Jersy Decor Over Bed Frame

21. Cool Soccer Themed Idea

22. Red Chevron Mirror

23. Golf Themed Bedroom to Cue Up

24. Sports Chill Corner

25. Cool Hanging Wrack For Sports Equipment

26. Simple Baseball Theme

27. Black and White Sports Theme

28. Cool Writing Corner

29. Large Open Room

30. Cool Baseball Decor with Unique Touch

Best Teen Boy Desk Ideas

Cool Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

I just had to include this list. These are some seriously cool ideas I hadn’t ever thought about. I love interior design, so I am feeling so inspired! I might have just to go bug my little brother; maybe he’ll let me revamp his room. I wish I had someone to help me redecorate when I was a teen. I am just happy I am able to do so now as an adult. Take a look at these!

31. Minecraft Themed Room

32. Cool Shirt Wall

33. Rustic Bedroom Idea

34. Long-Haired Bull Art for Contemporary Styled Room

35. Simple Marvel Room

36. Metal Organization Bins

37. LED Strip Lighting

38. Brick Accent Wall with Open Feeling

39. Cute Gaming Corner

40. Nike Bedroom Decor

41. Cool Dorm Room

42. Nice Working Desk with Open Concept

43. Funny Animal Decor

44. Nautical-Themed Room

45. Live Life Loud Decor Sign in Black and White

Unique Bedroom Ideas

These are a little fancy, so be warned. If you are updating your room on a budget, then you are going to need to do some serious DIY work with these. I think that seeing what your end goal looks like before you start is such a powerful thing. So even if you can’t afford this right away, at least you will have a new goal for what you want your room to look like in the future.

46. Murphey Bed with Cool Wallpaper

47. Detailed Graffiti Wall with Skateboard Shelves

48. Dark Blue Room with Shoe Shelves

49. Music Lover’s Room with Records

50. Long Bring Accent Wall Idea

51. Cute Plant Lover’s Room with Soft Bedding

52. National Hockey League Bedding

53. Social Media-Themed Room

54. Simple and Colorful Music Room Idea

55. Multiple Theme Room with Cute Throw Pillows

56. Pops Shelving with Memorial On Top

57. Horse Lover’s Room with Big Photos

58. Small Cozy Room Idea with Shoes

59. Simple Room with Paneled Wall

60. Funny Europe-Themed Room with Dark Walls

61. Bright Colored Room with Cool Storage

62. Cool Boy Room Idea with Floating Shelf

63. Dream Big Light Sign in bright color

How to place a bed in a teen bedroom

Best Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

I quite literally saved the best for last. These are a culmination of the many different styles on this list. Not only are these well put together, but they just feel so chill. It’s the perfect place to hang out. I think that the best idea, if you have lots of friends, is to have lots of seating. So keep that in mind. Take a look and see which ones are your style.

64. Graffiti-Themed Room for New Teens

65. Chic Football Inspired Room with Big Light

66. Cool and Colorful Room with Moose Wall

67. Don’t Quit Room Idea

68. Cool Dark Room for 13-Year-Old

69. Simple Room with Nice Hanging Decor Ideas

70. Perfect Cozy Lounging Room with Cool Bed

71. Big Desk with Cool Wall Decor Ideas and Books

72. Simple Light Fixture with Colorful Bulbs

73. Sports Themed Room with Basketball Pillow

74. Built In TV Area with White Cabinets

75. Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom with Cute Pillows

76. Simple Earth Tone Room with Framed Photos

77. Hanging Basketball Idea with White Walls

78. Toronto Themed Bedroom with Plants

79. Themed Wall Paper with Cool Stuffed Animal

80. Cool Paneled Bedroom with Black Wall

81. Ombre Painted Sky Ceiling Idea

Best Teen Boy Room

Are you feeling excited about revamping your room yet? I know this can feel like a big task, but I promise you it will be super fun once you get started. The end result will have you giddy with excitement. Not only is your space looking refreshed, but it is looking more like you…and that is what it is all about.

If you are more into gaming, don’t worry…we got you. I have written a whole separate article for that beast that is known as the gaming. We have tons of awesome ideas, from storage to PC setups. There are so many more awesome ideas than you could even imagine, and I have compiled the best ones. So check them out!

Your bedroom is the space where you spend the majority of your time…so why keep it looking drab? By putting a little energy into it now, you will get to enjoy the rewards every single day.