Inside: Teenage gamer bedroom ideas for the dedicated gamers

If you have a teenager in your house that likes to game, then naturally they are going to need their bedroom to be an epic gaming space that reflects their hobby.

Sometimes it can be hard to get started, coming up with ideas and planning things can be daunting.

But lucky for you, I have come up with a list of the best teenage gamer bedroom ideas that are guaranteed to make your teen happy.

How to style a bedroom for your gamer teen

When planning, it is always good to have them by your side looking at all their options. Not only does this give them the opportunity to plan out their own room, but it also allows for some bonding time. And who doesn’t want that?

As your teen grows up it can be hard to connect, but things like this give you the olive branch to get in their heads a bit.

So take a look through these cute ideas and only keep the ones that make them happy. That’s the key, because if they are gonna be in their room all the time they deserve a space that makes them feel comfortable and supported. Let’s get into it!

Teenage Gamer Bedroom Ideas

This first list is full of many awesome ideas. You can use these as a sort of helpful guide to figuring out what your teen likes and the goal they have for their bedroom.

1. 3 Screen Monitor – This 3-screen monitor setup is simple and perfect for any PC gamer. They have it set right at the end of the bed for easy access.

2. Minimalistic Teen Room – If your teen likes things more simple and tidy, then this is the kind of design you may want to look at.

3. Nintendo Switch TV –  I absolutely am obsessed with this. It’s a frame that you put around your flat screen that is in the shape of a Nintendo switch. How cool!

4. Bunk Bed with Game Space – If you are working with a smaller space, you may want to consider a single bunk bed. This way you can use the space underneath.

5. Geometric Wallpaper – I love accent walls and this one just adds so much by doing so little.

6. Sweet Light Room

7. Backlit Cube Organizer – Adding LED Lights is a great way to spice things up on a budget.

8. Clean Sleek Desk

9. Black and Grey Corner – This room added a textured wall in the corner to help separate the space. This is a simple way to achieve this action. I love it.

10. Neon Colorful Room – If they love the color then this is the room option that you NEED to show them.

11. Bunk Bed Set Up

12. Warm Lighting

13. Epic Tri-Colored Room – Sometimes you just have to stick with 3 colors but make it EPIC. Take this one for example. They are killing it.

Teenage Gamer Bedroom Ideas

Gamer Decor

I will let these gamer decor pieces speak for themselves. You can mix and match whatever you want to include. I just like to add this section because it gives you some creative fuel to find what kind of decor is best for YOU.

14. Neon Controller Sign

15. Gamer Blanket

16. 4 Piece Video Game Wall Art

17. Playstation Art

18. Evolution of Controllers

19.3D Headset Illusion

20. Green LED Light

21. Nintendo Lamp

22. Light Projector

23. Alarm Clock

24. Bedroom LEDs

25. Puzzle Light

26. Hexagon Lights

27. Light Bars

28. LAG Definition Poster

29. Loading Sign

30. Unique Clock

31. Bean Bag

32. Light Cube

33. Controller Stand

Gaming in bedrooms

Teenage Gamer Bedroom Set Up

Here are some little setup options that can really make a huge difference in your room. I made sure to include details both big and small so nothing will be left out.

34. Gaming Mode Activated – This is a beautiful little corner set up for those of you who like PC gaming. The wall decal just adds to it.

35. Pegboard Organizer – If you are anything like me, you love organization. There are so many unique ways to organize but one of my favorites is peg boards. Take a look!

36. Perfect Gamer Nook – You see, above when I talked about how good bunk beds are for creating max efficiency in small spaces, THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT.

37. Nintendo Light Switch – It’s all about the little details baby! Like this light switch…it’s perfect.

38. Sleek and Simple Desk  – Again, I like to include simple and straightforward designs for those of us that prefer a clean workstation.

39. Xbox Controller Wall Decor – Most everyone is divided between Playstation and Xbox, so declare your choice with a wall decal.

40. Simple Desk Setup – I mainly added this one because of the awesome star wars figurines…but the setup is good too.

41. Door Log In – A little touch that is now a must-have for my front door. Delivery man beware.

42. Cute Room with Simple Decor – I am a sucker for these day-bed-style beds that leave you so much space while looking adorable. This one added the TV at the end for added awesomeness.

43. Cozy Gamer Bedroom – This is the ultimate cozy gamer bedroom. It’s got the rugs and the lighting that help to create such an awesome atmosphere.

44. Gamer Room – I had to add a typical gamer room. I’m not sorry.

45. Controller Decor Wall – These wall decals make it easy to spice up the space but not in a permanent way.

46. Perfect Gamer Desk – Yeah…the perfect gamer desk does exist.

47. LED Mirror – This is a cool little touch to add some extra colored lights to the room.

48. PS4 Playstation Set Up – PlayStations are notoriously hard to find space for(especially the PS5), so creating a wall mount is a glorious idea.

49. Glow in the Dark Room – A glow-in-the-dark room…must I say anything else? The black light makes this room look insane.

50. Cloud Skies – Another amazing idea. You take cotton and glue it to the ceiling around strips of LEDs…bedroom clouds.

Comfiest Seating For Teen Gamers

Comfiest Seating For Teen Gamers

Everyone knows that gamers require the best and most comfy chairs. After all they could be sitting for hours on end. Ph who are we kidding, they WILL be sitting for hours on end…so good posture is important.

Especially if they enjoy having straight spines and no back pain. Just staying. So take a look at these comfy chairs to add to your room.

51. Rocking Gaming Chair

52. Collapsible Cushion Chair

53. Vitesse Gaming Chair

54. Ergonomic Chair

55. Sweet Cushion Chair

56. White and Black Chair

57. Nice Massaging Chair

58. Laid Back Chair

59. Black and Green Gaming Chair

60. Funny Pink Chair

61. Shuanghu Red and Black Chair

62. Bean Bag with Gaming Emblem

63. Rainbow Chair

And there you have it, some of the best teenage gamer bedroom ideas to help you create the space of your teen’s dreams. In reality, they do spend most of their home time in their room so it’s important that it makes them feel good.

If you think about it, teens don’t really have a big say on what goes on around the house in terms of decorating. As they get older they start to learn more about themselves as an individual, and their room can exemplify that.

So good for you for being so supportive.