Inside: The Ultimate List of Teen Party Favor Ideas.

Party favors are always fun, no matter how old you are!

Sending guests home with a bag of goodies is a great way to end any kind of party, whether it’s a birthday, Halloween, or any other kind of celebration. Despite the fact that tweens are no longer amused by finger puppets and mini tubs of Play-Doh, there are still plenty of things that will appeal to them.

Choose one large, eye-catching item that you know the teenagers will go crazy for as party favors. Perhaps a bracelet-making kit for girls or a game for boys. Smaller items and edible treats can fill out the rest of the bag, but everyone will be talking about the big surprise.

In search of some motivation? Get inspired by this list of low-cost and creative options for teen party favors.

Party Favors for Teenage Birthday Party

Teen Party Favor Ideas

Everybody likes a goodie bag when they leave parties, even teenagers. The problem is, their tastes have changed considerably since the days when a handheld plastic toy and a slice of birthday cake were enough to keep them satisfied. These fun gift bag ideas for teenage party are just a few of our favorite things.

1. Crystal Set Starter Pack

2. Anti-Stress Teen Coloring Book

3. Clear Glitter Pop Socket

4. Frankie Printed Glass Candle

5. Cell Phone Selfie Light

Gift Bag Ideas Birthday parties teens

6. Mini Portable Speaker

7. Tie Dye Beanie

8. Mini Waffle Maker

9. Gift Cards

10. Custom Decorated Cookies

Party Favor Ideas for Teenage Girl

Girls are pretty easy to shop for when it comes to party favors. Anything self-care, skincare, accessories, or DIY are great options. Check out a few of our favorite items that will make any teen girl happy.

11. Fun Glitter “Spacepaste” Makeup/Highlight

12. Tie Dye Scrunchies

13. Nail Polish

14. Glossier Balm Dotcom

15. Face Masks Bundle

16. Mini Manicure Kit

Party Favor Ideas for Teenage Girl

17. Matching Earrings

18. Large Claw Hair Clips

19. Journals

20. Hair Towel Wraps

21. Sonix Vegan Leather Phone Wristlet

22. Kristin Ess Wide Tooth Detangling Hair Comb

Party Favors for Teen Boys

Now when planning for a boys party, the party favor option can be a little more difficult to come up with. What I’ve learned over the years with raising a boy is that they are happy with anything electronic, games, sports, or food. Especially food. This list of ideas has all of those things and more fun ideas.

23. Patterened Portable Power Bank

24. Adventure is Out There LED Headlamp

25. Basketball, Football, or Sport Gear

26. Water guns

27. Comic books

28. Snacks – Lots and Lots of Snacks

Party Favors for Teen Boys

29. Paddleball games

30. Video Games

31. Gift Cards

32. Phone Charger

33. Water bottles

Tween Party Favors

This section of party favor ideas is perfect for that younger tween in your life. Check out some of our favorite ideas for party favors for 10-year-olds to party favors for 13-year-olds.

34. Card Games

35. Pop-Its

36. Mini Karaoke Microphone

37. Pom-Pom Phone Charger USB Cable

38. Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm

Tween Party Favors

39. Braided or beaded bracelets and necklaces

40. Small craft projects, like a make-your-own-bracelet project

41. Mini manicure kit

42. Hand-painted picture frames for a photo from the party

43. Temporary tattoos

44. candy lei

45. Creative old fashion soda bottle from your local candy store

46. Party crackers with a fun joke & prize inside

47. Flying chickens because no matter the age, your boys will always love these.

48. Headbands for pulling hair back during a spa party

49. Cute party sticker to add to their water bottle or these neon ones!

50. A small gift card to coffee in the morning – great for sleepovers

51. These bracelets are special and each come with a fun saying

52. Shower steamers

53. Candles – one per guest to burn at home.

More Fun Party Ideas for Teens

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Teen Party Favor Ideas