Inside: Teenager care package ideas to send to camp this summer.

I don’t know about you, but I loved going to summer camp when I was a teen. It was a space where I could explore my own individuality, make friends that I would have never met otherwise, and create lasting memories that I would cherish. The one thing that I did not love about summer camp was the homesickness.

Yep, I was one of the teens who loved to be there but ached for home at the same time. So when the care packages arrived in the mail, I was sprinting to open mine.

I found them so extremely comforting that I would have a renewed sense of excitement to put towards camp.

Comforting Teenager Care Package Camp Ideas. Photo of yellow package

If you are a parent coming here for ideas for teenager care packages to send to them while they are away at camp, you are going to find the answers you need below.

So what are we waiting for? We have packages that need to be sent out to people. 🙂

Teenager Care Package Ideas

1. Their Favorite Blanket – This is a great one to wait to send until they are nearing the end of their trip. This is the ultimate comfort item. Choose a throw blanket that they like to use when they are home and send it to them.

2. Clean Shirts – Camps do have washers and dryers, of course, but there is nothing as pristine as a fresh shirt to make you want to give your mom a big hug.

3. Fresh Socks – Socks are one of those items that get easily worn out during the month at camp. So fresh ones are a must.

4. Printed-Out Photos of Their Animals – If they miss their animals, which I am sure they do, it will be nice to get some recent photos of them to put on the wall next to their bunks.

5. Magazines – They have to stay updated on what’s happening in the world!

6. New Books – One thing that you can’t get at camp is brand-new books! Give them the gift of getting lost in another world. They will love you for it.

7. Comic Books – Another one of those thoughtful gifts that will make their camp experience even more fun. My teenage brother is obsessed with comics and manga at the moment.

8. Brain Puzzles – These are fun for their friends to try their hands at, so make sure to include one of these. They can also double as a fidget toys.

9. Polaroid Camera – If you surprise them with this gift, they’ll probably pass out from excitement. With a polaroid, they can take fun photos of their friends.

10. Extra Cash – This is the cash they can use at the snack shack for extra goodies. Always a good idea to send some cash.

11. Best Friend Bracelets – Send these so they can pass them around to their friends. You are never too old for matching bracelets.

12. Shower Steamer Idea – They have these little pellets that you put in the shower with you, and they diffuse into the steam, making it a fun spa experience.

13. Microfiber Clothes – These are helpful for face washing and whatnot.

14. Mini First Aid Kit – The camp has one, but it’s still safer for your child to have their first aid kit on hand.

15. Walkie-Talkies – It may seem a little childish, but I think this is such a fun addition. Play into their childhood for a little while longer, they’re in their teens, not their 80s.

16. Letter Kit  – If you want them to send back letters the old-fashioned way, add some stamps and envelopes to your package.

17. Cat’s Cradle String – Another hilarious classic. It’s the original fidget toy!

18. Fresh Tooth Brush – This one is important. It never hurts to get a fresh toothbrush.

19. Fresh Soap – Sending their brand of soap is a way to bring them comfort and good hygiene.

20. Camp Organizer Bag – You can send some extra packing organizers to help them pack their stuff before they come home.

Pre-made teen care package packages. Package with coloring book and crafts.

Premade Camp Packages

I wanted to include some packages that were already premade. Perhaps your child already has everything they need, but you want to go that extra mile and make them feel extra special. This is the way to do it. Plus, if you don’t have a lot of time, this is also a great option.

21. Yummy Snack Box

22. Small Snack Pack

23. Fun Game Pack

24. Simple Teen Girl Pack

25. Glow In the Dark Themed Pack

26. Perfect Summer Pack

27. Cute Pack Idea

28. Tea Pack Idea

29. Succulent Gift Idea

30. Adorable Candle Pack

31. Pack with Socks

32. Teen Guy Care Package

33. Art Package Idea

34. Box of Sunshine

35. Yellow Themed Box

36. Tween Girl Box

37. Perfect Game Box Idea

38. Teen Guy Themed Package

39. Hikers Gift Basket

40.  T-Shirt Camp Package

Teenager Care Package Ideas for Girls

Next, I wanted to include some care package ideas that are especially geared towards those of you with teen girls. These re some really sweet Ideas that I think she will love. Granted, she may not NEED anything on this list, but they are things that she will appreciate for sure.

41. Lip Gloss

42. Face Wash

43. Bracelet Kit

44. Face Masks

45.  Nail Polish

46. Hair Mask

47. Sweet Drinks

48. Cute Decor

49. Blanket

50. Eye Mask

Camp ideas for guys. Photo of package with jerky and snacks.

Camp Ideas for Guys

And, of course, I thought I should follow up on the list above with this. Below are a bunch of awesome ideas for those of you sending care packages to teen guys! They are a little more specific and geared towards guys’ wants and needs. Check them out.

51. Board Game

52. Jerky

53. Rubix Cube

54. Hair Gel

55. Cool Stickers

56. Wet Wipes

57. More Deodorant

58. Back Scratcher

59. Mini Games

60. Book of Jokes

Comforting Teenager Care Package Camp Ideas

Lastly, this is a list of comforting things you can add to your teenager care package. When going through these, think of ways that you can make this personal for your teen. That is where the comfort will come in. I know that it is not the worst thing being away from home, but it is still hard in its own right.

61. Photos Of Home

62. Mom’s Sunglasses

63. Pressed Flowers from the Yard

64. Dad’s T Shirt

65. Sunblock

66. Lotion

67. Mom’s Perfume

68. More Hairties

69. Sewing kit

70. Glow In The Dark Stars

71. Handwritten Note

I hope you have enjoyed these awesome and comforting teenager care package ideas to send to your teens in camp. It can also be very hard to not have your teen in your home for that extended period of time, but remember that it is very important. Going to camp can help build your child’s sense of self!

But make sure that you are also doing some extra things to take care of yourself. Enjoy your alone time, do a face mask, make a care package…FOR YOURSELF! There are so many ways that you can fill your time until they come home. Your nest may feel empty, but it is full of opportunities.

If you love these ideas and are in the market for some birthday gift inspiration, then why stop this train here? Keep it going! I have so many awesome things to share with you here.