Inside: Ultimate list of summer activities for teens to help them stay active

Summertime is coming up, and we all know what that means: school is out! Que the High School Musical summer vacation song! Wait, is that old news now? Ha!

Today we are going to be talking about the many different ways that you can spend your time during this summer season. I’ve been there too many times. You count down the days until break, but as soon as it’s here, you have no idea as to what to do with yourself. I am here to solve that problem with these fun activities to fill your days

Ultimate List of Summer Activities for Teens. 2 boys playing basketball.

I have compiled a list of the best summer activities for teens that will help you create a summer to remember. So check out this list; I separated it into different sections, so pick the one that best fits your likes and hobbies!

And remember: Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Simple Summer Activities for Teens

I thought I would start out with the basics for those of you who are just trying to come up with simple ways to spend your days. These are some great ideas that I think would make any summer special. A lot of these can go hand in hand!

As you are going through this article, I recommend keeping a piece of paper near you to write down the ideas you like.

1. Sleeping – All jokes, but you should be catching up on some sleep during summer. At least sleep for a few days!

2. Drawing

3. Painting

4. Circuit Crafts – If you are lucky enough to have a Circuit machine, look up all the ways you can use it to make different crafts.

5. Rock Painting

6. Candle Making

7. Pottery Making

8. Thrift Shopping

9. Wreath Making

10. Baking

11. Old Movie Watching

12. Volunteer Dog Walker

13. Redecorating Your Room

14. Deep Cleaning

15. Be in Play

16. Learn Origami

17. Wool-craft

18. Learn Dancing for TikTok

19. Make YouTube Videos

20. Listen to Audiobooks – This one can be done while you are completing some of the other ideas on this list! I love getting lost in a good audiobook.

outdoor summer activities for teens. 3 photos of people outside.

Outdoor Summer Activities for Teens

Summertime is basically synonymous with outdoor fun, don’t you think? So naturally, I had to create a list of fun outdoor summer activities for teens! Though these are simple, sometimes we need to see a list of ideas in front of us to find out what we really want to do. Anything on this list will be a blast!

21. Go for Daily Walks

22. Go On Hikes

23. Go On Picnics

24. Paint Outside

25. Go swimming

26. Go Kayaking

27. Collect Flowers

28. Press Flowers

29. Scavenge Books

30. Climb Trees

31. Go Zip lining

32. Go apple picking

33. Bird Watching

34. Camping

35. BBQ Parties

36. Outdoor Movie Nights

37. Paint with Leaves

38. Sidewalk Art

39. Go to Public Pool

40. Go to Skate Park

Hobbies for Teens

If you want to take up a hobby this summer, I think this is the list for you. Sometimes having a continuous activity to work towards and on is the best way to make the most of your summer holiday. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it is something you can have fun with.

41. Take a Dance Class

42. Learn to play Basketball

43. Play tennis

44. Play Soccer

45. Learn to Garden

46. Photography

47. Take Singing Lessons

48. Pick Up an Instrument

49. Mountain Biking

50. Play Video Games

51. Learn to Crochet

52. Grow Indoor Plants

53. Collect Different Geodes

54. Make Sun Paintings

55. Learn How to Paper Mache

56. Learn to Do the Splits

57. Take a Classes Online

58. Learn to Skateboard

59. Read an Entire Book Series

60. Create a Morning and Night Routine

Summer Job Ideas for Teens. Photo of barista.

Summer Jobs for Teens

If money is a priority for you, then you are most likely thinking about what kind of job you want to get for your summer vacation. It can be hard to come up with one that you might enjoy, so I made a list of the best ones below that go way beyond the general babysitting job option. Really imagine yourself at each, and pick the one that sounds like the most fun.

61. Work At A Restaurant

62. Work At A Bakery

63. Work At A Coffee Shop

64. Work At A Ice Cream Parlor

65.  Work At A Grocery Store

66. Work On A Farm

67. Offer Dog Walking

68. Mow Lawns

69. Start A Neighborhood Acting Club For Little Kids

70. Sell Things At A Farmers Market

71. Start an Etsy Shop With Crafts You Make At Home 

72. Work As A Receptionist

73. Work In A Bookshop

74. Work At the Local Pound

75. Work At the Bowling Alley

76. Work At the Movie Theatre

77. Start a YouTube Channel

78. Work In a Pet Groomer

79. Work In a Plant Shop

80. Work At a Thrift Shop

Epic Summer To-Do List

Now this one is near and dear to my heart. Every summer when I was a teen, I would come up with these epic to-do lists that would serve as my goals for the summer. It was such a fun way to cross things off while getting experiences with my friends and me.

By the end of it, I had this list as a reminder of all that I had accomplished, big and small. Check this out!

81. Go On an Adventure

82. Bake a Cake and Share It With Friends

83. Create a Fairytale Picnic

84. Go Somewhere New

85. Leave Cute Notes for Strangers to Find

86. Meet New Friends

87. Help a Person In Need

88. Find a Heart Shaped Rock

89. Do Karaoke with Friends

90. Have a Backyard Camping Session

91. Start a Book Club

92. Create a New Drink

93. Dance Under the Moon

94. Find a Yellow Bird

Ultimate list of summer travel activities

Ultimate List of Summer Activities for Teens

And lastly, I had to include some of the best summer activities for teens. If you have somehow gotten this far without any ideas jumping out at you, this list will be the one. Check it out!

95. Go On a Roadtrip

96. Write a Short Story 

97. Paint a Huge Mural

98. Watch Classic Movies

99. Spend Time with Your Grandparents

100. Go to a Concert

101. Spend the Day At the River

102. Pick a Spot In Nature to Claim As Yours – Visit it as much as you can, it will be like your second home.

103. Plant Flowers

104. Start a Scrapbook Journal

105. Upcycle Clothing – Up-cycling is when you take an old beat up piece of clothing and transform it into something new.

106. Create Your Own Neighborhood Map

107. Learn to BMX

108. Find Unique Blogs and Follow Them – Hehe, hi! You can stick with us.

109. Listen to A Weekly Podcast

110. Put On a Comedy Show

111. Create a Handshake with Your Best Friend

112. Have a Bonfire and Make S’mores

113. Go On an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

114. Make Memories

summer activities for teens

I hope this list has inspired you as much as it has me. I may not be a teen anymore, but I think anyone can benefit from mindfully spending their time. I may have to do a few of these myself!

Summertime is a period meant for fun and respite after a hard year of schoolwork, so make sure that you dedicate your time wisely. It is all too easy to waste your summer staying in the house all day doing nothing but scrolling on TikTok(that app is ADDICTIVE), so by making a list of things that you want to do, you are helping yourself make more lasting memories.

If you loved these ideas, why not carry on the fun? I have so many other activities and ideas that would be perfect for the summer months. So check those out!