Inside: Trendy Thanksgiving Outfits for Teens.

Thanksgiving break is a busy time. You’ve got relatives you’ve never seen before invading your house, old flames are back in town trying to hit you up, and about a dozen different parties to attend – all of which require a cute outfit.

That being said, everyone knows you can’t fully dedicate yourself to traditional holiday gorging in belly-constricting skinny jeans. You need to get yourself a look that does both: looks fly as hell and is comfy enough for a third-trimester food baby. Thankfully, these comfy-cute Thanksgiving outfits for teens will give you plenty of room for seconds (yes, and also dessert).

Trendy Clothes for Teenagers

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

Keeping it casual this thanksgiving season with these cute looks that aren’t just stylish but also super cozy.

1.  Sweater Vest Inspiration: The sweater vest is the IT piece this fall and 100% appropriate for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner (’cause your dad will probably be wearing the same one).

2. Loose Sweater Vest: Here is another one of our favorite sweater vest looks!

3. Chunky Turtleneck Sweater: Get you an outfit that comes prepped for your post-feast nap. This comfy sweater is like a sleeping bag with arms.

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

4. Turtle Neck Under a Sweatshirt: This is a perfect casual and comfy outfit idea.

5. Oversized Button Up Sweater and Jeans: I love the cropped oversized sweater look with a neutral belt and jeans.

6.  Neutral Monochromatic: Plus this pop of color with the fuzzy purse is to die for.

7. Wide Leg Plaid Pants: “Skinny jeans” are practically a curse word during the Thanksgiving season, because this holiday is all about saving room for your food baby. Wear a pair of cool baggy pants with a tee for an easy Thanksgiving look.

Our Favorite Cute Thanksgiving Dresses + Skirts

Dresses and skirts are a huge hit for thanksgiving outfits for teens. Check out a few of our favorite styles and ideas to rock those looks.

8. Free People Sweater Dress: Sweater dresses are a Thanksgiving staple, you literally cannot go wrong with a classic, cozy sweater dress. This Free People one is so perfect in every way!

9. Slip Dress: A simple, satin slip dress or skirt is something you can throw on and look completely put together (who doesn’t love that)! Plus it can be paired with basically anything: T-shirts, cropped sweaters, oversized turtlenecks. Need I say more?

10. Hoodie Dress: Simple, chic, and a fall staple. Stay comfy and cozy in a posh hoodie dress.

Cute Thanksgiving Dresses

11. Wrap Dress: Wrap dresses are a necessity in every closet – no matter what the season. The adjustable waist tie will be your best friend during your Thanksgiving feast.

12. Long Cardigan: This plush cardi doubles as a dress. Just throw on leggings and head downstairs.

13. Flowy Skirt: A flowy skirt is easy to wear (especially after your third plate) and cute enough for an outfit pic. Pair with a cropped sweater and booties to give it more of a fall-season feel, then wear it with a tank when spring rolls around.

14. T-Shirt Dress: A shirt dress is a fall staple. The ruched detail keeps the look form-fitting without being too tight for food

Friendsgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

Look your best for a festive Friendsgiving with these stylish thanksgiving outfits for teens.

15. Wrapped Skirt with Ankle Boots: This fall teen look is perfect from head to toe. From the chunky sweater to the leather ankle boots, we love it all.

16. Sweater Dress and Tall Boots: Show off your glam side with a classic sweater turtleneck dress that is paired with some stunning snakeskin boots.

17. Jumpsuit: A jumpsuit is a great option for a Thanksgiving outfit. It’s a trendy look that requires zero effort. Just button it up and get to eating.

Friendsgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

18. Rushed Pullover Sweater: Such a cute top for a Friendsgiving!

19. The Shacket: We are obsessed with the shirt/jacket this year. You can pair it with virtually anything and pull off the perfect fall look.

20. Bold Plaid Pants: Make a statement with these bold patterned pants.

Thanksgiving Family Outfit Ideas

Finding a family-friendly outfit doesn’t mean you can’t keep up your own personal style.

21. Color Coordinated Flannel Outfits: These outfits are perfectly coordinated for a Thanksgiving feast.

22. Chunky Sweater with Plaid Pants: This is a great idea for a family holiday outfit.

23. Simple Cashmere Sweater:  You can never go wrong with a cashmere sweater that will keep you warm and cozy all day long.

Thanksgiving Family Outfit Ideas

24. Corduroy Button Up – This burnt orange button-up is such a beautiful idea for a family thanksgiving event.

25. Off the Shoulder: A silk skirt paired with a chunky off-the-shoulder sweater and sneakers is a perfectly put-together outfit for teens this fall.

More Ideas for Teens

If you like these trendy thanksgiving outfits for teens, then check out a few more great ideas for this season and your teenagers.

  • Cute Hairstyles for Teens – No outfit is complete without the perfect hairstyle. From beachy waves and messy buns to epic braids and super straight sleek hair, there are literally hundreds (and hundreds) of hairstyles to inspire teen girls! So, if your favorite girl is looking for a new hairstyle this season, we’ve gathered the cutest hairstyles around to give her the inspiration she needs!
  • Teen Volunteer Programs – Volunteer work can teach your teen a lot of valuable life lessons. Whether you want your child to learn the importance of giving back to the community or you’re hoping they’ll gain some valuable skills that will help them in a future job, there are lots of reasons to pursue local volunteer opportunities.
  • Journal Prompts for Teens – Journaling is a positive habit that anyone can benefit from. Journals are like best friends who hold onto your secrets and help you process your experiences. Journaling regularly can lead to a lifelong daily writing habit, but teens may struggle with figuring out how to start.
  • Fun First Day Ideas for Teens – Some first dates are as simple and easy as going out to dinner and getting dessert, while others involve staying at home to cook together, playing games, watching the sunset, and having a movie night. Teenage couples may want to do something special and unique, especially for an anniversary. These first-date ideas are perfect for teen couples.

Thanksgiving Outfits for Teens