Inside: Trendy Thanksgiving Outfits for Teens.

A lot happens during the week of Thanksgiving. You have a houseful of relatives and no less than a dozen holiday celebrations to attend, each of which calls for a suitably festive ensemble.

However, it is common knowledge that wearing a pair of too-tight skinny jeans to your annual holiday feast is a recipe for disaster. You need a look that is both fashionable and functional during the holiday feast. These cute and cozy teen Thanksgiving outfits will leave room for dessert.

Trendy Clothes for Teenagers

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

Keeping it casual this thanksgiving season with these cute looks that aren’t just stylish but also super cozy.

1.  Sweater Vest Inspiration: You can’t go wrong with the sweater vest at Thanksgiving dinner with the family this year.

2. Loose Sweater Vest:  One of our favorite sweater vest combinations is shown here.

3. Chunky Turtleneck Sweater: Invest in a getup that’s already set up for a nap after dinner. In terms of coziness, this sweater is on par with a sleeping bag.

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

4. Turtle Neck Under a Sweatshirt: This classic look will never go out of style!

5. Oversized Sweater and Jeans: To me, nothing beats a cropped, extra large sweater with a belt and some jeans in a neutral color.

6.  Neutral Monochromatic:  The fuzzy purse adds the perfect touch of color.

7. Wide Leg Plaid Pants: At Thanksgiving, when stuffing your face with family and friends is the norm, skinny jeans are a fashion faux pas. For a laid-back Thanksgiving outfit, try pairing some trendy baggy pants with a simple tee.

Our Favorite Cute Thanksgiving Dresses + Skirts

Dresses and skirts are a huge hit for thanksgiving outfits for teens. Check out a few of our favorite styles and ideas to rock those looks.

8. Free People Sweater Dress:  You can’t go wrong with a classic, comfortable sweater dress on Thanksgiving. This one from Free People is just ideal in every way.

9. Slip Dress: Who doesn’t love the ease with which a satin slip dress or skirt can transform an outfit into a polished one? Plus, it looks great with a wide variety of tops, including T-shirts, cropped sweaters, and oversized turtlenecks. Obviously, I don’t need to elaborate.

10. Hoodie Dress: A classic of fall simplicity and elegance. An elegant hooded dress is the perfect way to keep warm and look great.

Cute Thanksgiving Dresses

11. Wrap Dress: Wrap dresses are a closet staple that can be worn year-round. You can adjust the waist tie to ensure a comfortable meal at the Thanksgiving feast.

12. Long Cardigan:  The soft cardigan can be worn as a dress. Slip on some leggings and come on down.

13. Flowy Skirt:  After your third plate, a frilly skirt is the perfect thing to throw on because it’s comfortable and cute enough for an Instagram post. Wear it in the fall with a cropped cardigan and booties; in the spring, switch to a tank top.

14. T-Shirt Dress:  In the fall, nothing beats a shirt dress. The ruched accent maintains a figure-flattering silhouette without being too constrictive while eating.

Friendsgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

These chic outfits are perfect for a teen’s Friendsgiving celebration.

15. Wrapped Skirt with Ankle Boots: These stylish ensembles are ideal for a teen’s Friendsgiving get-together.

16. Sweater Dress and Tall Boots:  Wear a sweater turtleneck dress and some gorgeous snakeskin boots to flaunt your inner glitz and glam.

17. Jumpsuit:  For Thanksgiving dinner, a jumpsuit is an excellent choice of clothing. It’s an effortless style that will never go out of style. Put it on and start chowing down.

Friendsgiving Outfit Ideas for Teens

18. Rushed Pullover Sweater: Adorable and stylish!

19. The Shacket:  This year’s shirt/jacket combo has become an obsession. Basically, you can wear it with anything else in your closet and look fabulous for the autumn season.

20. Bold Plaid Pants: I love the bold statement of these pants!

Thanksgiving Family Outfit Ideas

Finding a family-friendly outfit doesn’t mean you can’t keep up your own personal style.

21. Color Coordinated Flannel Outfits:  All of these outfits are Thanksgiving-ready and coordinated to perfection.

22. Chunky Sweater with Plaid Pants:  This is an excellent style for a festive party with the household.

23. Simple Cashmere Sweater:  A cashmere sweater will keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

Thanksgiving Family Outfit Ideas

24. Corduroy Button Up – Such a lovely thought, this burnt orange shirt for the Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

25. Off the Shoulder: A silk skirt, an off-the-shoulder sweater, and shoes are a great fall look for teens.

More Ideas for Teens

If you like these trendy thanksgiving outfits for teens, then check out a few more great ideas for this season and your teenagers.

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  • Teen Volunteer ProgramsAs a parent of a high school senior or soon-to-be senior, you should give serious consideration to volunteer opportunities. Your teen will gain empathy and self-esteem from their volunteer work. Many universities also require applicants to detail their community service on their application essays. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start looking for volunteer opportunities for your teen; most of these options will have something available in your area.
  • Journal Prompts for TeensEveryone can gain something from making journaling a regular practice. Writing in a journal is like confiding in a trusted friend who will keep your thoughts private while you work through difficult emotions and thoughts. Even though keeping a journal on a regular basis is an excellent way to develop a lifelong habit of writing every day, many teenagers have trouble getting started.
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Thanksgiving Outfits for Teens