Inside: Top water games for teenager fun in the sun

Warmer days are upon us, and I for one could not be more excited. I have said it before, but I have an appreciation for every single season, and yet, whenever summer comes around, it becomes apparent to me that it’s my absolute favorite.

The days are longer, the sun is shining, the water is just the right temperature…how could you not love it? As a teen, I often found myself not knowing what to do with all of my newfound free time. I would sit inside watching TV for hours on end, and it never really made me happy.

Best water games for teenager fun. Photo of teen getting hit with water balloon.

I want to help you avoid my fate, so today I have collected some of the best water gamers for teenager fun! These are bound to help you cool off while making some memories that you will cherish forever.

Water Games for Teenager Fun

First up, I started out lightly with the list below. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but you are about to experience the best summer of your entire life. Seriously, you are going to love the ideas below. Heck, I am an adult and these still sound fun to me!

1. Wet Sponge Dodgeball

This one sounds like a literal blast. You are going to need some large and very absorbent sponges and of course, some huge buckets of water. Gather around your friends and then play some wet sponge dodgeball! The rules are the same as dodgeball, the only difference is your ball.

2. Firefighter Race Game

Firefighter race is a super simple game that requires some cups, a tarp, and your friends. The point of the game is to fill up an empty bucket as quick as you can. The catch is that it sits on one end of the tarp, and you have to slide across a super slippery surface to fill it up.

3. Pass the Water Relay Game

I have seen videos of this one, and it looks like a laugh riot. You have to try and pass the water amidst a relay race. Try not to slip!

4. Water Balloon Baseball

How could you not want to play a little water balloon baseball. There are certain things in this life that you just can’t turn down. For this game, you have everyone line up as you would for a regular baseball game, accept instead of the classic baseball you are using a water balloon!

5. Water Games for Teenager – Slip n Slide Kickball

I have only ever seen this game on TikTok and the internet. You get to set up a whole little area for slip n slide kickball in your backyard. I don’t think I would ever come inside again.

6. Beach Ball Really. Photo of beach ball.

6. Beach Ball Relay

There are lots of relay games on this list, that is because they are the literal best. Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping quite like the feeling of racing against your friends.

7. Water Balloon Toss

Kind of like hot potato, accept the point of this game is to not pop the water balloon. This is much harder than it sounds, trust me.

8. Water Games for Teenager –  Bucket Ball

For this game, you will need baseball bats, buckets, and water balloons. You have one person guarding the bucket with a bat, the other is trying to throw a water balloon in. The first person to get three in is deemed the winner!

9. DIY Slip n Slide

If you are looking for some summer fun without a whole lot of money to spend, you can always just DIY your own! I promise that this is easier than it sounds. There are many ways to go about it, but you are going to need some tarps!

10. Slip n Slide Pool Ramp

My inner child is squealing at the thought of having this set up in the backyard. How crazy fun would this be? I don’t care if you are 6 or 16…this game is a must.

Best Water Games for Teenager Fun

Alright, so I saved the best for the…middle. But I just couldn’t wait to share these with you any longer! I have found that a little creativity is the catalyst for an entire summer of fun. You are going to see what I mean below. These ideas are out of the box and into the pool!

11. Slip and Slide Tug of War

It’s simple, you have one team stand on an end of a lathered up tarp or slip n slide, and another on the other end. Add a rope to the mix and see which side is the strongest!

12. Tie Dye Splatter Art

For some extra fun arts and crafts this summer, I am totally going to add tie dye splatter art to my list. You fill water balloons with fabric dye and lay down a tarp. Then you throw the balloons at thing you are dying.

13.  Slip n Slide Bowling

Have you ever wanted to be a bowling ball? Now is your chance! You simple set up some plastic pins on one side of a slip n slide and then slide yourself at it to see how many you can break down!

14. Pour Water Cup Challenge

For this, have everyone line up in a straight line. Each will have an empty cup or bowl. The person in the fron of the line gets a cup full of water, and they have to try and poor the water into the person’s cup behind them without looking!

15. Water Games for Teenager – Slip n Side Race

A classic, but still lots of fun!

16. Huge Bubble Challenge

See who can make the largest bubble with a kiddie pool, some soap, and a hoola hoop.

17. Water Bucket Challenge

See how many people can catch a water balloon by holding up a bucket!

18. Fill the Bucket Challenge

Use a squirt gun and see who can aim and fill up the bucket the quickest.

19. Water Games for Teenager – Nighttime Pool Party

Who doesn’t love a nighttime teen pool party?

Water games for teenager to buy. Photo of teens playing water basketball.

Water Games for Teenager to Buy

If you want to keep it simple, I suggest getting a good collection of water gamers for teenagers together. This way, you can pull them out whenever you feel ready for some fun! They are super simple to set up, and you are bound to have a great time. Check out the list below!

Oh and if you are a parent, you may be interested in reading these creative ways to give money to a teenager.

20. Pool Bucketball

21. Re-usable Water Balloons

22. Pool Basketball Hoop

23. Cotton Water Balls for Water Fun

24. Ultimate Pool Ball

25. Water Blaster Set

26. Watermelon Ball

27. Inflatable Pool Battle Logs

28. Poolmaster Pool Float Game

29. Pool Ring Ideas

Classic Water Games for Teenager Fun

Okay, I couldn’t create this list of water games for teenager fun without including some of the classics. You really can’t compete with these, they are timeless for a reason. It can be hard to think of things to do when you have so many options, so instead why don’t you close your eyes, and blindly pick one!

30. Marco Polo

31. Water Wrestling

32. Water Balloons

33. Water Volleyball

34. Squirt Gun Fight

35. Diving for Rings

36. Water War

37. Dunk for Apples

38. Sprinkler Fun

39. Pool Basketball

40. Squirt Gun Targets

41. Pool Ring Toss Challenge

42. Slip n Slide

43. Waterpong

water games for teenager

There you have it, some of my all-time favorite water games for teenager fun. I hope you loved this compilation and that it inspired you to get up off the couch and get out into the sun. After all, relaxation days are important, but days for FUN are even better.

If you loved these ideas and want to find even MORE ways to fill your summer with endless fun, I suggest taking a look at some of my other ideas. Why don’t you start with this list of summer bucket list ideas teen will love?

Remember that you can make any of these games your own. You can make up your own rules, set up some speakers for music, have some tasty drinks…just have a blast!