Has your teen announced that they’re running for student council, and they just don’t know where to start?  Well, you’re in luck because we’ve gathered some trendy student council campaign posters to use this year that will help them stand out.

Help your high schooler with fun ideas from the latest Tik Tok trends, funny posters, meaningful vulnerable ideas and even our beloved Swifty campaign tips.

High school student council poster ideas for campaigns.

The opportunity to be a part of the student council is a HUGE deal for teens!  This role teaches certain life skills that many don’t seize the opportunity of.

After making the big decision to run for the election, your teen needs to hit the ground running with their student council campaign poster design.

Getting Your Student Council Campaign Poster To Stand Out

Alright, first things first.  What role are they running for on the student council?  Student council is no joke for teenagers, and the competitiveness is REAL!

Pro StuCo tip: Including your office on some of your posters will help classmates to know exactly what you are running for.

Yes, but how to stand out from the rest you might ask?

Well, it all starts with an exceptional campaign poster, packed with personality and covered in character.  Let’s dive into the trendiest new student council poster ideas for your teens campaign!

1. Social Media Poster

– Make the campaign expand from the student council campaign poster, onto the phones of the voters!  Teens are all over Instagram and TikTok and can design their posters resembling these platforms, and there they can build their personalized branding into their campaigns.  This can put it into the hands of the voters even from outside the school walls.

Just Do It – Famous posters to use

Using a logo, or famous poster idea is a great way to grab the attention of classmates as they race through the halls.

2. Top Brand Logo

Use a top brand name logo like Nike or Lulu that ALL the students will recognize.

3. Rising

Build inspirational and motivational quotes into the campaign poster to uplift the peers to your teen’s student council vision.

4. Hit Song Lyrics

Certain songs are catchy.  Some we have all grown to love, while others we simply can’t get out of our heads.  No matter how hard we try, it plays on repeat in our ears… Baby Shark, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo (sorry if that just triggered anyone, lol).  Just take what sounds fun & personalize it.  Turn your student council poster into an unforgettable campaign jingle.

5. Students Unite

Create a campaign poster that communicates the benefits of strength and unity within the body of the student council, accurately representing the potential of expanding the lives of the students.

President era student council poster ideas

Show off your bright ideas with these StuCo campaign posters

6. Shape Shifter

Your teen can design their campaign poster into a shape that aligns with their chosen theme.  Perhaps a yellow poster cut out in the shape of a lightbulb, representing their ‘bright ideas’.

7. Rhyme Time

Yep, teenagers can create a poem that rhymes or a rhyming jingle that aligns with their student council campaign ideas and is presented on the poster.

8. Movie Character

Find me a teen that hasn’t seen the Minion movies, or Clueless.  Make the campaign relatable by incorporating well-known movie character icons onto their posters.

HIgh school student council poster ideas to use

Fresh ideas for this years campaign

A funny joke will always make people stop and remember you.

This Nike Just DO it version by Sariyah is one of my favorite student council campaign posters.

I MUSTACHE you to vote for me! Such fun twist by Abby Jo.

Taking it digital with this amazing Tik Tok connecting with your peers where they are is perfect. Plus you can download your own video and ask your friends to post it on their accounts too!

9. Flow Chart

Who doesn’t LOVE flow charts?!  Make your way to the top of the student council campaign by creating a flow chart on the campaign poster.

10. Emoji Express

Your teenager can convert their campaign message via emojis that their peers will understand and relate to!

11. I-Cloud

Turn the campaign poster into a cloud and creatively write all the words that represent the promises and visions your teen has brainstormed for the campaign.

12.  Resume Today

Have your teen showcase their experience and ability to succeed in the elected student council position.  Their poster is a walking resume that brings transparency to what they can do.

Neon bright student council campaign posters plus a teen girl wearing neon colored sunglasses saying to vote.

Blast from the past – vintage election poster ideas

13. Retro Ride

Add a vintage twist to the student council campaign poster design with a palette of retro colors and font styles.

14. Minimalistic

Generate a campaign poster around simplicity…sometimes less is more!

15. Neon Lights

Using bright, neon colors on the student council campaign poster will make their message POP!

Famous ideas for student council campaign posters including Taylor Swift ideas.

This Swifty fan love StuCo Poster is obviously on point.

And all the Yeses for including a favorite movie like Liz did. 🙂

16. To-Do List

Turn the campaign poster into a to-do list by marking off all that is being proposed.  Mark off the completed accomplishments and tasks.  I know I’m a sucker for to-do lists!

17. Sports Theme

Things are easier and more enjoyable to discuss when one’s passionate about it.  So construct the poster based on a fav sport or team.  Win over other athletic enthusiasts this way.

18. Snack Attack

Sweeten your message by incorporating candy bars.  Add  Snickers or Suckers, onto the campaign poster.  stating ‘Don’t Be A Sucker’, having inserted the sucker accordingly in its place on the poster.

19. Pop Art

Turn the campaign poster into eye candy for the voters, grabbing their attention with a whimsical display of pop art

A teen boy pointing up to a teen dancing and posting the photo of it on her campaign poster.

Show vulnerability to connect

We all strive for perfection, yet we are all imperfect.  It’s through our imperfections that others can relate. Why not showcase that vulnerability on your student council poster to get straight to the heart of what matters most.

20. Picture Imperfect

Your teenager can showcase their campaign, by featuring a picture of themself.  With some creativity and vulnerability, this can provide an opportunity for connection and networking.

21. DIY

Turn the poster into a collage combining quotes of promises and images that represent the intended changes that will be made upon winning the election.

22. Use A QR Code

Who would’ve thought that our teenagers would grow up in a time of such advanced technology?  And now they can create their entire student council campaign poster message from one simple QR code!

23. Maze Craze

Create a path to success on the campaign poster for fellow students to follow your teen’s lead.

24. Light It Up

Add some LED lights to make the campaign poster eye-catching.

25. Typography

Bring the text to life on the campaign poster channeling the message by creatively using typology.


A teen sticking his head through a cutout of a campaign poster and supplies for the poster.

Funny marketing ideas for your high school campaign

Keep scrolling, plenty more funny poster ideas where these came from.

26. WANTED Poster

– Is your teen ‘WANTED’ in the student council?  They can create a mugshot of sorts & turn their student council campaign poster into a WANTED sign.

27. Idea Board

– This poster can have both your teen’s ideas as well as a space for their peers to write down their ideas too!  Just attach a marker to the campaign poster.

28. Chalkboard

– grab some chalkboard paint and chalk to design a poster to resemble a chalkboard.  On there they can use handwritten fonts and add doodles for a personalized touch.

29. Animals

– Use photos of cute or funny animals to grab attention and to make their fellow students laugh!

30. Backward Writing

– Writing backward will be eye-catching.  No one can resist decoding a message on a poster when written backward!

31. Revolution

– Create a campaign poster that communicates how your teen elect can revolutionize the body of students.  Add elements such as gears and such.

32. Puzzle Pieces

– Highlight the puzzle pieces of the campaign.  Then show how that will come together once elected.

Teen girl showing off her campaign poster while another teen girl is gathering ideas from her comic books with a big smile on her face.

33. Comic Book

Turn the poster into a comic strip, using ‘pow’ bubbles with your proposed promises.

34. Futuristic

Add a futuristic design to display the progress of the plan upon being elected into the student council.

35. Movie Poster

Allow popular movie posters to inspire your teen’s student council campaign poster.  Imagination required.

There you have it, Wildly fun and trending student council campaign poster ideas to use this year!  All your teen needs to do is grab their imagination plus their vision, and let the campaign begin.