Valentine’s day is a day for love, but can often feel lonely for many teens. It’s a weird combo to be interested in the boy/girl romance thing, but often still on the outside of having a serious relationship.

Here are some really exciting and fun Valentine activities for teens and tweens. Special ways to make Valentine’s day fun for all the high school friends, because no one should feel alone on this special day.

Valentines day activities for teens to do that are fun.

We love having some family time on hearts day, hosting Galentines brunch for our friends and their girls, and coming up with fun games and activities to show there’s enough love to go around to make sure everyone is engaged and feeling the love!

And because we know that our teens love to recieve gifts here are a few ideas towards that end:

It can be hard to decide what types of activities to do on Valentine’s Day when you have teens in tow. Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found over the years:

Valentine Night Games To Play

Hosting a Valentine game night can be such a great idea to make the entire day feel fun and carefree. We often will do this as a part of a Galentine’s brunch, a hearts day sleepover filled with fun ideas or fun friends night at home.

1. Write a break up rap song

No need to have anyone to break up with. Writing a funny rap to part ways is a great way to be creative and keep everyone laughing. Be sure the rap is not to anyone in particular- and that it’s all in good fun!

2. Spin the bottle!

Want to play a fun version of spin the bottle that doesn’t involve kissing!? Here are some game questions to get you started.

3. Make a V-day shirt with puff paint

Can we travel back to the 80’s please? Give me a white tee shirt and pink puff paint. Let’s get creative!

4. Telephone

Let teens enjoy a little miscommunication through the game of telephone. It’s always fun to get close and whisper sweet nothings into someone’s ear… Here’s your chance!

Valentine Day photo scavenger hunt idea

5. Scavenger Hunt

Can we find a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates on a scavenger hunt? Yes! Even better, find some really fun places to day Valentine’s Day photos.

A selfie or photo scavenger hunt never disappoints.

If you live in L.A. Priscilla will show you exactly where you need to go! For everyone else try this fun download hunt here.

6. Love song karaoke

Singing, even if completely off key, makes everyone feel a part of the group. Find some love stricken pop songs and a microphone & make a night of it.

Valentine Day projects and fun ideas for teenagers.

Service Activities

Beyond the games and a Valentine’s Day Spirit week at school filled with fun ideas. Another set of activities you can focus in our service based activities. These will serve friends, neighbors and your community with love which is really what you want the day to be about for your teens anyway.

7. Take flowers to an elderly home

Give love to those who don’t always receive it. May the joy of giving bring joy to your teen’s heart.

Learn to decorate cookies Valentines day activities

8. Sweetest treat delivery

Make or buy and deliver sugar cookies and deliver them to friends! Everyone needs to know they are loved on Valentine’s Day and these gorgeous cookies from Bake Box Boutique are all the inspiration we need to get that icing out.

I think it’s so fun to learn how to decorate cookies. Here’s a class you can take with your teen or they can take it with friends to have so much fun with this.

Pro Momma Tip: Your teen will be much more happy to do service work when they get a little treat in it for themselves. Have enough supplies on hand for a give one/eat one philosophy. 

Here are a few other service ideas that would be special to do over Valentine’s week:

  • Write kind Valentine letters to service members who are away.
  • Offer to help with your elementary Valentine school party and support your favorite old teacher, while enjoying the kids.
  • Send a sweet Valentine to your grandparents.
  • Offer to make cute nail painting kits and bring them down to your local service center.
  • Carry around little heart notes to give out to others you know.

Non romantic Valentines ideas for teens activities to do in groups

Fun Non-Romantic Ideas

Fun ideas to do with your teens that will acknowledge the day of love without feeling mushy or romantic to them.

9. Romantic movie marathon

What could be more fun? Binge watch? Yes! As long as friends are together, they are feeling the love!!!

To make it extra fun get a Rom-Com bingo set and see what things you can laugh at along the way.

There are some classics you’ll love to watch again in this best 80’s movies for teens post.

10. Valentine’s day heart popcorn balls

Is baking your thing? Then this is a great way to spend time together and eat something yummy. Nothing says love like time together and snacking!

11. Group hike and picnic

Keep the teens in good spirits by increasing endorphins with exercise and healthy snacks! Physical exercise will help teens move past any Valentine’s day blues and a fun activity will get everyone excited.

Change this up to snowshoeing or a ski day as weather permits.

12. Dance Together, but not slow

Take a line dance class or find one online. My local country bar offers family friendly line dance lessons on Wednesday which works out perfect for Valentine’s Day this year. See if you have a local place you could take a roudy group of teens for some non-slow dancing fun.

13. Be the chef

Serve dinner for a couple you know – host a magical evening for parents or neighbors.

14. Take it like a polaroid picture!

Take polaroid pics all day with people you love and design a scrapbook page to remember this Valentine’s Day.

mug rugs craft activity for teens

15. Learn something together

Are you more of a history buff? Research some Valentine’s Day history together.

Do you like crafting, learn how to do something new – like felt tip these adorable mug rugs with Molly Upfield.

Really anything your teen is into will be fun to learn alongside them and is a great idea for the Valentine activities for teens list.

16. Make some dough

Get teen friends together and host a babysitting night for couples with young children. Teens and kids will love the fun.

Parents will love the alone time for Valentine’s Day! Win, win!

See my teen tips for getting and crushing babysitting jobs.

Decorating for valentines day a pie with swifty bracelets

17. Make those trendy bracelets

The Swifty bracelets have been everywhere this year and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Put them on a pie like Lauren did for a fun heart day take on the trend, or make them classic style with this kit.

18. Valentine’s day pickleball fun

What does pickleball have to do with Valentine’s day? Just try to play and tell me you don’t feel the love. It’s contagious!

19. Valentine’s Day mini photo shoot

Set up a pretty V-Day scene and invite friends to come do a photoshoot. Everyone feels loved!

20. Get proper for tea time

Have tea! Valentine’s Day tea parties are a great way to get friends together.

Dress to impress and have fun using your manners!

Things to do on Valentines day high school

21. Matching Valentine’s Day socks

Everyone feels included by wearing matching socks. Show off the friend love with this cute heart sock pack, and even get your teen’s favorite pet on theirs with this fun product.

Candygram activities for high school

22. Candygram!

Have teens put together notes of love. Add candy and deliver to friends doorsteps, lockers etc. It will keep everyone guessing who the sweetest kid actually is. 😉

This candy gram inspiration which is a rice krispie treat made so cute will have all their friends gushing.

23. Plant flowers

Flowers radiate peace and love. Find pretty pots and put your hands to work planting. Keep your own or exchange flowers with friends.

24. Musical chairs

Musical chairs to romantic pop music! Who doesn’t love musical chairs? This gives teens a chance to enjoy some silly play and they never know who they will run into!

Cute Valentine craft card idea for teens

25. Write a love letter to your favorite treat & friends

These Smores packs by Lauren are adorable to give to any high schooler you know.

26. Flower arrangement

Create a flower arrangement and surprise a neighbor or family member with it.

27. Valentine’s day game night

Pick out some fun ideas and play all night long with your teens.

Not everyone has a date or a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, so it’s important that teens feel the love from friends and family. They may also discover that giving love through acts of service can fill up their hearts just as well as receiving love and gifts from others.

Help your teen make wonderful memories with friends (besties before bros!), that will encourage their hearts and give them confidence.

Really any of the Valentine activities for teens we choose will be a WIN, because our teens crave time together and Valentine’s Day is a great day to make them feel loved! What could be more important?