Inside: Awesome Ideas For Teenage Easter Baskets.

Deciding what gifts to get teenagers is a task that is notoriously difficult. They’re no longer kids, so you can’t get them something too childish, but they’re still young enough where you want to get them something.

And then, there’s Easter.

Teenagers are way too cool to participate in the annual egg hunt or receive the typical basket with fake grass and a ton of candy and toys; so what do you do? Have no fear!

This guide will list out plenty of ideas that will help you to create an age appropriate basket for every teenager in your life and to see the specific Easter basket for teen boys ideas right here.

Easter basket ideas for teens

Easter Gifts For Teens

Make your teenager’s Easter “eggstra” special!

  1. Movie Night: This is a perfect idea for a teenager because they’ll definitely put it to use! Stuff the basket with popcorn, their favorite candy, and a gift card to a nearby movie theater. 
  2. Use A Hat: Skip the basket entirely, (because, let’s be honest, you know they’ll probably toss it after they take the goodies out) and substitute it for a hat! A baseball cap, a beanie, or a floppy beach hat would work perfectly and you can customize it.
  3. For The Artist: This is a super useful basket for the teen artist in your life! Pencils, paints, crayons, even a little sketch book would be great items to include.
  4. Backpack Basket: For this idea, you can grab a drawstring bag or a backpack and fill it with age appropriate items! Gift cards to their favorite fast food joint, they’re favorite snacks and candy, a t-shirt or two. This way, they get to enjoy the perks of an Easter basket while also having something they can use afterwards!
  5. Make It Edible: Pick up a roll of double sided tape, a few boxes of the teen’s favorite candy, and fashion them into a basket! Then stuff it with Easter essentials like fake grass and chocolate eggs.
  6. Personalized Crate: This idea is SO cool! It takes a little bit of work, but in the end it’s really worth it. Your teen not only gets a great easter basket, but they now also have a personalized storage compartment for their room!
  7. Helmet Basket: Another super practical alternative to a basket! It can be a helmet for a sport, or one for riding their wheels. Either way, they’ll be able to put it to use after they eat all the candy stuffed inside!
  8. Game Night: Grab a few card games and some other goodies to fill the basket! They can use these for a fun night with their friends or you can play them that same day.
  9. Money Honey!: If there’s one thing that teens will always appreciate no matter what, it’s money! You can even create a super awesome gift basket out of a couple of bills to really make it creative.

Easter For Teens

Ideas for Easter baskets that your teens are sure to love.

Easter gifts for teens

  1. Use A Water Bottle: Anyone else noticing how many teens are carrying reusable water bottles around today? From Hydroflask to Yeti, these can also double as an awesome basket! Pair this with some small candies and other items. 
  2. Homemade Bucket: Tap into your crafty side for this idea! You can add their initials, name, or any other cool design you think represents them.
  3. For The Water Lover: If your teen is one to lay out by the pool, swim in a creek, or splash around in the ocean, this is the perfect basket for them! Use a towel as a basket and include all essentials: sunscreen, goggles, and sandals are all great ideas.
  4. The Sporty Basket: Fill this one up with athletic gear, a new pair of headphones, some new socks, and a gift card to a sporting goods store!
  5. Use Shoes: Buy a new pair of shoes for your teen and stuff the inside of them with Easter treats!
  6. Color Scheme: Buy a bunch of items that are the same color as your teens favorite one and make it a color coordinating basket! Plus, this is a fun little challenge for you to find as many as the same colored items as you can.
  7. Fabric Storage Bin: Such a useful alternative to the typical woven basket. I got my basket in one of these one time, and I used it for years after!
  8. Disney Themed: For the Disney loving teen, this is a wonderful idea!

Easter Basket Ideas For Teen Girls

Creative and practical ways to give your teen girl her Easter basket.

  1. Spa Night: Face masks, a fluffy headband, and delicious bubble bath are all perfect gifts for a teenage girl! 
  2. Nail Day: Such a cute idea! Throw in a couple nail polishes, a file, cuticle cutter, clippers, even some press ons. Your teenage girl will definitely use these items.
  3. Caboodle Basket: There are so many options on Amazon for these cute caboodles! They’re a great way for her to store makeup or any other trinkets in a stylish way.
  4. Fuzzy Blanket: Roll a fuzzy blanket up and use it as a basket! Stuff the middle with cute objects and some candy, you teen will love this one.
  5. Purse/Tote Bag: This is an awesome double gift! She not only gets Easter things, but they will all be presented in a bag that she will love and use.
  6. Coffee/Tea Themed: Include a few tea bags, a strainer, a mug or portable bottle, coffee creamer, and of course, a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card! I can guarantee that your coffee loving teen girl will love all of these items.
  7. Makeup: Teen girls love makeup! You can also find some really cheap options from places like Target, I promise they’ll love this one!
  8. Baking Basket: If your teen girl has a knack for baked goods, filling their basket with a bunch of baking essentials is a great option for their Easter gift!
  9. Use A Jewelry Organizer: This is an extremely practical way to give your teen girl some Easter gifts! She will definitely use this afterwards.

Teen Boy Easter Ideas

Teen boys may be difficult, but these gift ideas will make giving them an Easter basket so easy!

Teen boy easter gift ideas

  1. Sports Theme: For the athlete in your life, this is the greatest Easter basket idea! You can personalize it to the sport they play and even include some gear for it along with candy.
  2. Use A Tackle Box: If your teen boy is into fishing, using a tackle box instead of a basket is a great way to include an extra present you know they’ll use!
  3. Team Theme: Grab a bunch of goodies with your teens favorite sports team, whether that be professional or college, and pack them all up in a basket to give to them!
  4. A Cooler: A super useful alternative to an Easter basket for your teen boy!
  5. One Word: Food: If there’s one thing teen boys are known for, it’s for being eating machines. Fill up his easter basket with tons of his favorite snacks and fast food gift cards, and I promise he will appreciate it more than any amount of candy!

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