Inside: Tips and Tricks on How to create the perfect boho teen room vibe for a chill year.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE interior decorating. Ever since I was a teen myself, I always went out of my way to make my bedroom as cute and aesthetically pleasing as I possibly could.

After all, a teen’s bedroom is really the only space that they hold true control over. They get to make it up however they like, and that can be super fun if you have some good inspiration and ideas at the ready. That is what I am going today. Have you ever heard of Bohemian-style decor? It’s called Boho for short.

How to Create the Perfect Boho Teen Room

This decoration style uses a lot of earthy tones and textures to create a very relaxing and adorable environment. It is the definition of cozy. So if you like the way that sounds, then keep reading. I have compiled the very best Boho Teen Room Ideas for you to look through to get some inspiration for your own bedroom.

Boho Teen Room Ideas

To kick this list off, I wanted to show you some examples of Boho teen room ideas that are already set up and put together. These are some of the cutest ideas on the internet. I made sure to have them vary in terms of their lightness and darkness, so there is a different boho style for everyone!

1. Cute Light Boho-Themed Bed Corner – I love this idea because it just screams cozy. Couldn’t you imagine yourself curling up in your bed on a rainy day? I love it!

2. Light Up Bedroom Decor – I think that adding some warm twinkle lights is the best thing you can do when making a boho room.

3. Cute Metal Moon Phase Sign – I am honestly going to get this for myself. I’m a Boho girl, what can I say?

4. Lots of Plants with Blankets

5. Cute Pallet Bed with Blankets – A pallet bed is one of the most earthy and boho things you can have because it is recycled!

6. Adorable Arch Mirror

7. Cool Music Wall with Plants – You HAVE to have plants in your boho bedroom. I don’t make the rules. SO if you can’t keep plants alive, get some fake ones to bring in the green.

8. Leaning Bookshelf Idea with Plants

9. Cozy and Warm Bedroom Ideas – I LOVE the side table that they use in this example. It goes along perfectly with the burnt orange duvet cover that they use.

10. Cozy Dark Bedding Room

11. Warm Lighting Bedspread – As I said above, you really need to include some cute warm twinkle lights in your boho teen room.

Boho Teen Room

Boho Teen Room Bed Ideas

Your bed is going to take up a large portion of your room, so make sure that it goes along with the theme, it is very important. Down below is a list of a bunch of different kinds of Bohemian bed setups and blanket ideas that are perfect for this style. Check them out and see what is attainable for you.

12. Wooden Sun Bed Frame – If you have a sizable budget, finding a new bed frame like this would be such an awesome touch in your new room.

13. Cute Green Duvet Cover – I tried to include blankets that are mainly in natural colors. This one is super cute. Check it out!

14. Bed Frame with Blankets 

15. Rust-Colored Bedding – If you can’t choose between different blankets but don’t want to spend hundreds getting them all, just get a duvet cover. You can put it over any blanket.

16. Unique Green Duvet Ideas

17. Cute Bedroom with Lots of Texture – This bed holds a lot of different textures that are in the same color. This monochrome look is the best way to make things still match but not too much.

18. Floral Blanket with Orange Accents – How cute and cozy is this blanket setup? I am obsessed.

19. Mountain Range Unique Painting

20. Sun Bedding in White – This sun bedding is probably my favorite on this whole list. But if you go with this blanket, prepare to keep a lot of your decorations more simple. This way it doesn’t get overwhelming.

21. Brown Bedding with Cute Bed Frame

Must Have Boho Decor

Must-Have Boho Decor

Lastly, here are some great examples of cool Boho decor that would be perfect for this style of bedroom. I have found that the best way to really create a seamless, matching space is to choose one type of texture and have a few different variations of it at least. This way, it still matches but has its own unique look.

22. Macrame Wall Hanger – Macrame is one of the best ways to include a soft texture in your room. Honestly, these are a must-have when decorating a boho teen room.

23. Honeycomb Shelving Over Desk – This honeycomb is such a cute concept for a boho room. I think that these add a cute naturalistic look, and they are helpful for organization

24. Floor Pillow – These floor pillows are so cute, and they are perfect for meditating.

25. Circular Mirror on Dresser – I don’t know why I never considered getting a cute circular mirror, but I am adding it to my online order RIGHT NOW.

26. Reading Corner – A reading corner is a must-have for all you bookworms out there. Though they are pretty rare, the ones that do exist NEED this.

27. Wooden Sun Mirrors – I love this set of wooden mirrors. It is this kind of mixture of modern and natural textures that makes such a big difference.

28. Woven Rug Accent – These wooden runs are perfect for any style of room, but especially this one.

29. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket – I love chunky knit blankets because they are the coziest ones on the market. You can even make them yourself with some chunky yarn and a simple crochet pattern. To see what you like!

30. Floral Wall – This floral wall is something that I am actually considering doing. The only difference is I am going to use real dried flowers instead of fake ones.

31. Fairy Light Ideas – Lastly, I had to include some fairy light ideas. This is one of those non-negotiable items. Imagine turning them on when it gets dark outside and reading by fairy light…it is too cute to not happen.

Boho Teen Bedroom

I hope you loved this article about boho teen room ideas. I know how exciting it can be to recreate your space. It is an area of your house that you will spend most of your time in, so making it feel fun to walk into is so important.

If you are thinking about some other bedroom ideas, we have you covered on that front as well. I told you I love styling rooms! So you can check these out to keep the party going.

A Boho teen room is one that I feel will never go out of style. It is just the right mixture of cozy and clean, earthy and modern. You truly cannot go wrong with it. This is the kind of room that can grow with you, literally, since you will most likely want to include plants in your design as well. So great choice!