Inside: Cute Halloween costumes for teenage girl that will get you in the Halloween spirit

Halloween is right around the corner. The weather is starting to cool down, and the leaves are preparing for their annual color change before they fall. So what does this mean?

Well, this means nothing to all of you non-holiday lovers out there. It’s just a season-changing. But to those of us (yes, myself included), this means so much more.

The best portion of the year is almost here! The best things are to follow.

It means that we will soon be drinking pumpkin spice coffee (because, yes, it’s absolutely delicious), planning Halloween parties and wearing our fall sweaters! Our homes will be decorated, and perhaps the most exciting of all: we will be gearing up for the biggest dress up day of the year.

Cute halloween costumes for teenage girl

Halloween is such a special day of the year that deserves some preparation and planning, so today, I created a list full of cute Halloween costumes for Teenage Girl to help get this holiday ball rolling. I made sure to include tons of different styles and themes, so there is bound to be something on this list that you love.

Affordable Costumes for Teenage Girls

Not every teen is rolling in the dough, and not every parent wants to shell out over 100$ for something their child will only wear once. Does this mean we give up and do not even dress up? Heck no, Techo! This just means we need to get creative and develop an adorable and cost-effective costume idea.

This whole list is full of ideas that you could easily DIY for under 20-30 dollars tops. Maybe even cheaper, depending on how good you are at shopping sales and finding the bargains.

There are always options out there if you are open to finding them! So take a look and feel inspired!

1. Bratz Dolls

2. Purge Group Costume

3. Holes Crew

4. Cute Fairies

5. Velma and Daphne

6. Creepy Mummies

7. Wendy and Tinkerbell

8. M & Ms

9. Alien Girls

10. Army Girls

11. 70s Go Go Girls

12. Mystery Inc

13. Violet From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

14. Zoo Animals

Cute Halloween Costumes for Teenage Girls

This next list is full of some costumes that I couldn’t help but put the spotlight on. They range from very niche (like the Bring It On costumes or Disney Costumes), to some classics (like the Mario and Luigi). I know that there is a costume on this list that is just screaming your name. Take a look at these to find inspiration for your Halloween look.

There are tons of different things to choose from here, and if you don’t find something that you love, don’t worry! There is still over two-thirds of this list yet. Search on.

15. Pirate Crew

16. Cute Freddy Kruger

17. Bring It On Costumes

18. Cassie and Maddy from Euphoria

19. Sun and Moon

20. Mario and Luigi

21. Teletubby

22.  Construction Workers

23. Zero and Caveman

24. Cosmo and Wanda

25. 60s Hippies

26. Strawberry Shortcake

27. Carry Prom Queen

28. Toy Story Aliens

halloween costumes for teenage girl

Couple Halloween Costumes

Ah, High School Romance, how beautiful you are. One of my favorite things about young love is getting to experience old things together, giving them a sense of renewal. Halloween is no different.

Sure, you have dressed up over a dozen times before, but you have never been able to do a couple costume.

This list is full of some cute halloween costumes for teenage girl in a relationship. I made sure to include most straight and same-sex ideas, so there is something for everyone.

Holidays will always be an all-inclusive thing that the world can celebrate.

29. Back to the Future

30. Hercules and Megara

31. Woody and Buzz

32. Mike and Sully

33. Aladdin

34. Cowgirls

35. Stitch

36. Army Couple

37.  Pirates

38. Cupid Couple

39. T-Shirt Mike and Sully

40. Thing One and Thing Two

41. Cute Double Date Costumes

42. Fighters

43. Clueless

44. 2nd Clueless Costume

45. Angel and Devil

46. Catwoman

47. Peanut Butter and Jelly

48. Baseball Duo

Group Halloween Costume Examples

Group Halloween Costumes

If you and your friends are hanging out on Halloween and are planning on dressing up together…that is awesome. There is nothing I love more than seeing well-thought-out costumes being carried out by large groups. It just feels so cool and special! It can be hard to come up with something that everyone is satisfied with, so I put this list together.

The options here range from affordable to complex, with tons of themes.

So take a look and have your friends decide! If you can’t all come to an agreement, and then you should all anonymously take votes. It’s the best way to go!

49. Scooby Doo Gang

50. Halloween Care Bears

51. Cowgirl Group

52. Group Fairy Tails

53. Boxers

54. Alvin, Simon, Theodore

55. Monster Energy Crew

56. Group Hippie Costume

57. Trio Costumes

58. Flower Costumes

59. Hydro flasks

60. iCarly Crew

61. M & M Crew

62. Sun Moon and Stars

63. Group of White Lies

64. Tennis Barbie

65. Taco Bell Sauces

66. Hula Dancers

67. Princess Costumes

68. Football Couple

BFF Halloween Costumes

Popular Cute Halloween Costumes for Teen Girl

Lastly, for you solo people out there, this list is for you. I have included some of the best cute Halloween costumes for a teenage girl to look through. Just because you are dressing up as your own singular thing doesn’t mean that your costume is any less.

You get to dress up however you want. That is the beauty of Halloween, it’s all about the freedom of expression.

No matter how gory or girly you choose to be (or both), you are going to kill it this Halloween.

69. Starfire

70. Lola Bunny

71. Barbie

72. Coraline

73. Kim Possible

74. Monster University

75. Daphne

76. Scarecrow

77. Winx Club

78. Agnes from Despicable Me

79. Clown

80. Angel Girl

81. Carrie

82. Golden Fae

83. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

84. Gatorade Drink

85. Gold Diggers

86. Raven from Teen Titan

87. Creepy Chucky

So…are you even more excited about Halloween than you have ever been? I would be too! After seeing all of these Halloween Costumes for Teenage Girls, I would bet that you are literally counting down the days.

I hope that you loved this list of Halloween inspirations and that you have found your costume for this up-and-coming holiday. Remember that Halloween day itself is only half of the fun. The real fun comes in the planning, the preparation, and the traditions that you complete beforehand. Don’t get so caught up in the day that you lose the moment.

There are so many other awesome ways that you can celebrate this Halloween.

Things like watching scary movies, playing games, and spending time with friends and family are all so important. Though some people don’t think of Halloween as a major holiday, I do.

Any holiday that you get to spend with the people you love, making memories and having fun, is a major holiday. You can’t tell me differently. So get out there, and have the most fun that you could possibly have, and look dang cute in your costume while you do it.