My relationship with my mother is one of the most important bonds of my life. She’s known me since I was born, after all!

She does so much for me all the time, and Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to show how much I appreciate the moms, grandmas, and mother figures in my life.

I’ve learned that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to show your mom how much you love her.

With a little creativity and a few craft supplies, you can whip up an extra special gift. I’ve found some great Mother’s Day crafts for teens to DIY that you and your mommas will love as much as I do!

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Whether you make a gift, buy something, or celebrate another way, just make sure your mom feels the love on her special day! Because you know anything you DIY for her she’ll treasure forever.

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Beautiful Mother’s Day Crafts for Teens to DIY

Here are some of the prettiest DIY projects I found that you can make for your mom.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Why not put together a scavenger hunt for your mom on Mother’s Day? You can hide another gift for her as the prize at the end, like a bouquet of flowers or a home-cooked meal. You can come up with the clues yourself or use a super affordable and easy printable like this one.

2. Felted Birds

Tiny felted birdies are so cute, and this kit has everything you need to make them! I love the idea of putting them in a wooden bowl for the nest. This DIY gift shows your mom that even when you leave the nest, you’re still her little bird!

3. Coffee Filter Hydrangeas

Here are the steps to make beautiful flowers out of coffee filters. They’ll last longer than real ones, plus they show thoughtfulness and effort!

Pro Tip: Dab a little essential oil or spray your mom’s favorite perfume on the “flowers” when you’re done making them. The coffee filters will hold the scent!

4. Bath Soak

This video shows how to make a fragrant (and aesthetically pleasing) bath soak for mom. It looks like you need oats, Epsom salts, lemon rinds, dried rosebuds, a little rose essential oil, and a jar or organza bag to put them in.

5. Painted Water Bottle

Here’s a tutorial showing you how to make this adorable Mother’s Day painting on a water bottle. You could use the bottle as a vase for flowers, or do the painting on a different surface.

6. Clay Luminaries

This kit has everything you need to make some beautiful clay candle holders. It even includes flameless LED tea lights so you can show off your creation right away!

7. Clay Geode Wind Chimes

My mom loves wind chimes, and so do I – so I bet your mom would love a handmade geode wind chime for Mother’s Day. Here’s a kit to help you make a really pretty one.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Teens to DIY at Home

When it comes to gifts, especially homemade ones, it’s the thought that counts. You can put any of these sweet DIY crafts together to give to your mom on Mother’s Day.

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8. Glass Mosaic Candle Holder

Here’s a kit with all the stuff you need to make a beautiful glass mosaic candle holder. You can use more than just the glass in the kit though – I’ve found that broken pieces of mirror, smashed CDs, and beads are also great for mosaic projects. Just be careful when handling any sharp objects!

9. Pressed Flower Bookmark

These are the simple steps to make pretty pressed flower bookmarks for Mother’s Day. You could also make greeting cards or a little framed piece of art with this technique!

10. Seashell Mirror

My mom is obsessed with the beach, and some of my favorite memories with her are from vacations we took to the ocean when I was a kid. All you need to make a seashell mirror like this one is some shells, sea glass, and faux pearls. Use a hot glue gun to attach them all to the frame of a mirror.

11. Painted Flower Pots

Does your mom love gardening and house plants as much as mine? Grab some acrylic paints and make a pretty painted flower pot like these.

Pro Tip: Use acrylic paint markers to write a sweet message or draw finer details on your flower pot.

12. Felt Succulents

Speaking of house plants, why not sew some of these super cute felt succulents for a mom who loves gardening? She’ll never have to water these plants, and they’ll never die!

13. Sugar Scrub

Here are a few recipes to make different scented sugar scrubs – if your mom is a self-care queen like mine, she’ll love this!

14. Pedicure in a Jar

And since we’re on the topic of pedicures, I love this idea for a Mother’s Day gift for teens to DIY – a pedicure in a jar! This list tells you everything you need plus examples of cute ways to package it, and you can get it all from the dollar store!

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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Teens

Here are some Mother’s Day crafts for teens to DIY that you can easily whip up at home.

15. Photo Board

This post shows the steps to make a really unique photo board for mom. It even has her name on it!

16. String Art

Here’s a kit with supplies and instructions to make cute daisy string art that doubles as a photo frame.

17. Paint-by-Numbers Coaster Art

This paint-by-numbers piece can be a coaster or wall art when you’re done. Either way, it’s a nice Mother’s Day gift.

Pro Tip: Instead of painting this for your mom, get two kits to give her and plan a date to paint them together! The quality time means even more than the present.

18. Sharpie Mug

Here’s how to make a customized mug using just Sharpies. Make sure you use oil-based paint Sharpies or ceramic paint pens! And a cheap white mug from the dollar store makes the perfect canvas.

19. Handmade Jewelry

This jewelry-making kit has everything you need to create a beautiful piece of jewelry for your mom. It even comes with a video course on how to use the tools. If you don’t want to use a kit, just go to the beads section of your local craft store and let your imagination run wild!

20. Painted Moon Lamp

This paint-your-own moon lamp kit is so cool! You could use galaxy colors or paint a landscape design on your moon for mom.

21. Clay Jewelry Dish

The clay jewelry dishes from this kit look so good when they’re done, I bet your mom won’t even be able to tell they’re homemade!

The words "The Best Mother's Day Crafts for Teens to DIY" with 4 pictures of DIY projects.

The Best Mother’s Day Crafts for Teens to DIY

Here are some of my favorite ideas that I found while looking for Mother’s Day DIY gift inspo. I feel like I can smell the picture of these delicious-looking bath bombs!

22. Scrapbook

Your mom is guaranteed to cry (happy tears!) if you give her a scrapbook. Check out this pretty Mother’s Day scrapbook paper to get you started.

23. Macrame Plant Hanger

Here are instructions to make several different styles of macrame plant hangers. Make one for your mom’s favorite house plant, or get a new potted plant to put in the hanger!

24. Seed Bombs

These DIY seed bombs are such an awesome idea for gifts. I want to make a bunch, not just for my mom, but for everyone I know!

25. Pink Heart Punch Needle Art

The kit to make this adorable pink heart punch needle art even includes the wooden frame for the finished piece!

26. Bath Bombs

I’ve always been OBSESSED with bath bombs, and what mom doesn’t love a long, relaxing soak at the end of the day? Here’s how to make some gorgeous fizzy bath bombs for Mother’s Day.

Whether you buy your mom a gift or make her something special, just make sure to do something nice for her on Mother’s Day.

Bringing her breakfast in bed is always a sweet way to start the holiday!

So, what do you think? Did you find some awesome craft ideas for Mother’s Day? Let me know which ones you liked best, and how you plan to celebrate mom’s special day.