Inside: Best themes for football games that’ll boost team spirit and help your team to win!

Now, I am going to come out and admit something very serious: I am not really a football kind of person. THERE! I SAID IT! But, I am someone who is always down for the energy of a crowd. So I love to go to football games. Does this make me weird? I hope not.

I am deeply committed to finding things that make me happy and doing much more of them. One thing that gives me that boost of serotonin lately is themes for football games. These themes basically turn the sidelines into big pep rallies, and I love it.

Every game, there is a new theme, and which every new theme, that same energy stays.

Themes for football games that'll boost morale

Today, I want to share with you over 50 of my favorite themes for football games that I hope to see happen in this year’s round of games. I have them separated in terms of coolness, so buckle up, folks.

What Is a Theme For a Football Game?

Great question. I, at one point, was in your shoes, having no idea that this was a thing or what it was. So let me help you. A theme for a football game is basically where everyone planning on attending decides on a theme to come dressed up as.

For example, if that theme is camo, then everyone coming will come dressed up in fatigues. There are so many different themes out there that it can be hard to keep track. If you have not experienced something like this before, then you are in for a treat.

This is going to be so much fun. If you are thinking of planning your own theme to implement and need some inspiration, you are in the right space. Let’s jump into it.

Classic Themes for Football Games

I want to introduce you to the basics before we get extreme. So here in this list, you will find some classic themes for football games. These are the ones that are most popular amongst schools (and crowds). The way they get everyone on board is they will choose one of these beforehand and then post posters all over the school, letting people know.

1. Color Coded – For this first list, I will explain a little bit about each idea and give examples. After this, I think you’ll be able to understand. A color-coded theme is when a certain color is picked, and everyone shows up wearing it.

2. Back to the 70s – Everyone has to come dressed up like they are from the 70s. I am talking about flower power 70s. You know you want to; this is such a fun way to express yourself.

3. Disco – Disco is a hilarious theme because some of the funniest outfits come from this. Not only is it iconic, but it is fabulous. Imagine a whole cheering section full of disco people. Too funny!

4. Y2K – I think this one requires that old 2000s charm. You will need some thin sunglasses, some tin foil, and some toilet paper. Basically, everything that they needed when they thought the world was going to end.

5. Mascot Themed – Everyone must come dressed up as the team mascot. There is no better way to show team spirit than by showing up as the literal mascot. How awesome is this?

6. Team Colors – Showing up in the team colors is also a wonderful way to show your team spirit. Your whole section with being splattered with your team’s colors, which is pretty great.

7. Red, White, and Blue – If you are thinking about going for a more patriotic approach, why not choose a patriotic theme? Have everyone come dressed in red, white, and blue.

8. Neon – Neon is a simple one, but it is a classic; everyone must show up in Neon to be able to watch the game. The entire home section is going to look like a bowling alley threw up. Love it!

9. Hawaiian – This one is a classic; everyone must to show up wearing terrible Hawaiian button ups and all of the Hawaiian accessories. Your home section is going to be filled with lots of color!

10. Cowboys –  Ladies and gentlemen! Get your cowboy hats out and your boots on, because this section is going to be cowboy named.

Cool themes for football games: Photo of people dressed up as construction workers

Cool Themes for Football Games

If you are on the hunt for something cooler, I think this list is the one for you. These are some seriously cool ideas that any crowd would be lucky to have. I hope you love them as much as I do!

11. Construction workers

12. Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness

13. Tie Dye

14. Beach Day

15. Camo

16. Pool Party

17. Pajama Night

18. Jail Birds

19. Wrestlers

20. Devil and Angel

More Theme Ideas

I think that you should be pretty excited at this point. I’ve given you so many good ideas thus far, and I am only just getting started.

Take a look at this next list of more theme ideas that will make you excited for your next game.

21. Team jersey

22. Ninja Turtles

23. Favorite Foods

24. Superheros

25. Glitter

26. Suit and Tie

27. Where’s Waldo

28. Cat in the Hat

29. Rave

30. Toga

Funny Themes for football games: Photo of pink crowd theme

Funny Themes for Football Games

Sometimes, the best ideas are the ones that make you laugh. For this section, I have chosen some of the funniest themes for football games that you will ever see. Some of them might not seem objectively funny, but once you’re there and you have your costume on, it will be hilarious.

31. Frat Boys

32. Children’s Characters

33. Scooby Doo & Gang

34. Favorite Animal

35. Winners

36. School Spirit

37. Cleaners

38. Pirates

39. Christmas

40. Snow Themed

Themes for Football Games That’ll Boost Morale

If I know one thing for certain, it’s that the crowd makes all the difference when it comes to a football game. You might not think it, but the crowd’s reactions and energy will feed the players while they are in the game. The more hype the crowd is, the more likely their team is to win. Isn’t that funny how psychology works? Interesting stuff!

41. Gone Fishin’

42. Social Media

43. Tik Tok

44. Mardi Gras

45. Harry Potter

46. Legos

47. Halloween Costumes

48. Egyptians

49. Backwards Day

50. Tacky Tourist

51. Red Alert

Themes for Football Games

I love how much thought get’s put into these little things. On the outside, it’s just a football game, but it is so much more than that. I don’t even like football, and I can see it. This game brings people together; it gives them something to route for and scream at. Something to dress up all silly for and laugh the night away.

In many ways, football is just one big party. Everyone gathers, a game is played, and there is a celebration. That’s pretty cool. If you liked this article that covered football themes, I think you should check out some of my other stuff.

I have so much advice to offer; It would be a shame to let it be wasted. There is a lot to get through, but I think here is the best place for you to start.