From a flawless Rinsta (Real Insta account) to a vulnerable Finsta (Fake Insta account), Instagram delivers it all! Finsta may be a fake account, but they are typically more real when it comes to the content and postings which is why as parents we want to get ahead of what to do and how to deal with a Finsta account our teens have when we find them.

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Finsta Vs Rinsta – What Is It?

Well into my 13th consecutive year now as a mother of teenagers, never would I have imagined the word Finsta becoming a part of my vocabulary. With all of the different social media platforms out there, parents have their work cut out for them when it comes to protecting and monitoring their kids.

To be completely transparent, I was unaware that my teenage daughter had a Finsta until just recently.

I’ve come to understand that having a Finsta can provide a savvy authentic outlet unlike other social media platforms. However, there’s also plenty of room for potential unwelcome problems.

How to tell a real Instagram account

Rinstas are typically the place where photos are filtered and look picturesque. These real accounts are more shallow in the sense of how you want others to view the story starring you. It’s a great way to stay connected and updated with family and friends.

How to spot a Finsta

But with a Finsta, there’s an openness that many seek. A place where they unmask the realness of what’s really going on… the beautiful, the ugly. the light and the dark. It’s like an online diary that cannot be easily found or read by the uninvited, (ie. us – the parents).

Parenting Tip: Finstas can serve as a purposeful, authentic outlet when used and monitored when taking the proper steps.

There is brilliance to Finsta where it reveals the intended content to its carefully selected followers. With that said, preventative measures must be taken to keep Finsta private and safe from intruders.

Here are the 7 must-have tips for dealing with a Fake Insta account when you inevitably find the one your own teen might have.

Teens posing for their Instagram accounts.

Just like any other social media platform, there are things that you want to watch out for concerning opening a fake Instagram account. When handling a Finsta, be clear about your intentions and purpose from the get-go.

How To Handle a Finsta As A Parent

I believe that we need to encourage our teens to have healthy social media engagements and if they don’t want to do this one a public channel, well then even better! However, open and honest communication is key here as they learn the ropes of how to handle these channels.

If you demand the account be shut down… Trust me, they’ll just find another way.

Instead of demanding and further harming your relationship, start by engaging with them about why they hid the account if that’s the case. Here are some great tips to prevent teen lying in the future.

Now that their fake social life is in the open, let’s teach them how to use it well with these 7 steps for how to deal with a Finsta.

1.  Handling Privacy Matters With Finsta

One of the main purposes behind Finsta is to make your content private. If you have a Finsta, set your account to private and steer clear of adding personal information.

Don’t forget, that you’re not only protecting your privacy but maintaining the privacy of your trustworthy followers, both sides of the coin must be carefully polished on fake Insta accounts.

2.  Establish Clear Boundaries Regarding Insta Accounts

To maintain control over your Instagram account, it’s essential to establish clear boundaries early on. How are you wanting to utilize this outlet? Who do you want to share access with and what kind of photos and content do you intend to post? It will be easier to manage your account if you know what your goals and intentions are.

3.  Handling Finsta Followers – Don’t Know Them, Don’t Add Them

Teach your teen to be wise in choosing followers. Finsta is meant to be more confidential, consisting of smaller, more supportive groups.

Make sure you only add followers that you trust. Select followers with whom you can express whatever it is that you want to express without feeling judged or worried that it’s falling on deaf ears.

Unpopular Instagram Tip: I know many of you might disagree with me, but I wouldn’t demand they add you as a follower right away.

Our teenagers need to start building their own independent worlds. I think about if my parents jumped on to overhear every phone conversation you had as a teenager. It’d not ideal.

Give them space, until they prove to you that they cannot handle it.

Someone opening Instagram on their phone with a backdrop of fall leaves on the ground.

Mindfulness is a great practice for everyday life. It is also an essential tool when monitoring fake Instagrams and deciding how to deal with a Finsta in yoru house.

An easy way to monitor their accounts without being a follower is to have a boundary in the house that you can look at their phone anytime you want.

We know our teens phone passwords and they understand if something is going on that makes us suspicious – their phones will be the first thing we check.

4. Be Mindful Of Your Fake Insta Posts

Even when you are posting to your trusted followers, discretion must still be taken into account. Remember that any of your pics and posts can be saved by your carefully chosen followers, so be sure your values align with your content.

There’s always a risk in posting any content, no matter what social media platform you’re on.

5. Creating A Finsta Username

Finsta usernames should be unique, and not contain any personal information that would link back to a real Instagram account. To ensure that others won’t locate the Finsta, don’t have any relevant details included in your username that would easily give away your identity.

Teens scrolling through their phones.

Just like self-care is a must for the soul, ongoing maintenance is a must for Finsta.

6. Keep Your Circle Small When Managing A Finsta

Finsta is typically for smaller tribes of close-knit friends. It’s where personal information and feelings can be shared and kept confidential within a tight circle. What happens in a Finsta group, is meant to stay in a Finsta group, so review followers often to keep the circle small.

7. Routine Maintenance For Fake Insta Accounts

Instagram updates its features regularly. Whenever there’s an update on the platform, have that be your queue that it’s time to check in for your routine maintenance. Stay up to date with both the new features and, more importantly, the privacy settings.

Ensure the settings are all in a place where you feel comfortable sharing freely and protected from any unwanted guests. I mean, that’s what the Finsta is all about right?

Teenagers scrolling through social media apps.

Adding The ‘Real’ To A ‘Fake’ Insta

Between the growing popularity across social media and the increasing amount of chatting apps, validation and instant gratification are on the rise. Having to constantly refresh the screen to see how many likes, and how many views, oh and don’t forget to look at all those comments steadily flowing in, repeatedly rereading them. The excitement and anticipation of it all pour out by the second.


this is teaching society to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment when all the keys and answers to our needs, lie only within.

Now that you have those must-have tips for how to deal with a Finsta, you are ready to help your teen start authentically connecting and doing it safely.

May their Finsta add some realness to your life with those nearest and dearest to you both.