Gift Ideas for your favorite Autistic Teen

Teens on the spectrum come with many quirks and traits that make them extra great people to buy gifts for. Though it can be like a double-edged sword because it can also make it sort of confusing.

But that is the whole point of gift-giving, to spend time thinking about your friend or loved one and really figure out what it is they most want or need.

Gifts for Autistic Teens

These days, autism awareness is getting better, but it still needs improving. You can show the autistic people in your life some extra love through the act of giving them a gift!

If you have very few ideas on what to get them, don’t worry. If by the end of this article you haven’t found anything that screams their name then your next step is simple: Ask them.

I know I know, it may go against the code of presents, but it’s the only sure-fire way you’ll pick something out that they’ll love. No shame in your gifting game.

I’m going to break it down into categories so if you have one in mind you know exactly where in this article to go. First, we have Sensory Gifts, then helpful. Next is visual, and last is informational. If you know what of these will suit your teen best, then feel free to skip ahead.

Sensory Gifts

When it comes to gifts for Autistic teens, you can never go wrong with sensory toys. Not only are they fun, but they can act as a stress reliever while in overstimulating situations. Many of these come in sets or packs of multiples so the fun will never run out.

1. Epic 35 Piece Fidget Toy Set

2. Monkey Noodles

3. Liquid Bubble Timer

4. Calming Water LED Projector

This one is extra cool. It’s a projector that projects the image of water wherever you want it to be. This can be a great night light to help get your teen into a relaxed state of mind. I just might order one of these for myself!

5. Tetris Brain Puzzle

6. Magnetic Rings

7. Squishy Cat Set

These squishy cats are like the classic stress ball but reimagined for the cat lover. If the teen you have in mind has a love for cats this is a great simple gift to add to their bag and is on my daughter’s list this yeae.

8. Mind Games

9. Award-Winning Shape-Shifting Box

10. Funny Adulting T-Shirt

Helpful Gifts For Teenagers with Autism

Helpful Gifts

Being on the spectrum comes with some hardships. Being in new situations, having their routine disrupted, or just simply socializing with people they may not know very well can have large impacts on their brain. It’s up to the people around them to help bring some calm back to their environment and to get them outlets to express their feelings.

I feel like when autism is discussed, people are really only talking about how it affects children. But autistic children grow up to be autistic teens and adults. Though they may have had time to learn coping mechanisms that will help them move through life easier, it can still be more challenging than a neurotypical.

So this list is full of gifts you can give that can help in those overloading situations.

11. Sound Canceling Headphones In Black-Sounds are one of the biggest things that can overwhelm an autistic teen. This can make it really hard for them to go out into public without having an awful time. Getting overstimulated happens to the best of us. These sound-canceling headphones should be a staple for teens on the spectrum who struggle with loud sounds.

12. Sensory Swing for Indoors

13. Outdoor Sensory Swing– because sometimes fresh air helps the most.

14. Sensory Suit

15. Blue Compression Vest – Have you ever gotten so overwhelmed that you just want to crawl into a ball or have a 1-hour hug? Well, then you may want to consider getting one of these for yourself too. This compression vest helps apply pressure to your abdomen in a gentle but firm way, which can be very helpful to teens on the spectrum who enjoy this feeling.

16. Cool Mirrored Sun Glasses

17. DBT Workbook For Teens – DBT is a workbook that many therapists will use to help people learn how to effectively manage their emotions. This can be especially helpful for teens on the spectrum. As they go through life they can use the tools they learned in this book to help them out when in tough situations.

18. Autism Acceptance Book– for our girls who are almost adults.

Visual Gifts

These ones make my heart happy. Of course, the gift that you give highly depends on the teen’s likes and dislikes, as well as their sensory needs. So if they find visual stimulation to be something that brings them joy then this list is for you (and them by proxy:).

19. Visual Guide To The Galaxy

20. LED Lights

21. Sunset Lamp – This one is simple but super pretty. It casts this beautiful orange glow that resembles a sunset. Now you can have that golden hour light at any time of day.

22. Projector with Speakers

23. Moon Tapestry

24. Hanging Window Crystals – With these crystals, you hang them on your window sill, and every time the sun shines on them they cast awesome little rainbows all around the room. It’s hard to be stressed in a room of rainbows.

Informational Gift ideas for autism awareness month

Informational Gifts

These gifts are all great for working on things that your teen might need extra help with like motor skills and functional understanding, but they’re also still so fun to play with.

25. Marble Run Set

26. Fossil Finding Kit

27. Rock Tumbling Kit

28. Crystal Growing Lab

29. Construction Kit

Gifts For Autistic Tweens and teens

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