Ahh, senior skip day – the one day of high school students are actually ALLOWED to miss class! But what to do on this rare day off? Let’s Try a scavenger hunt this year to keep everyone involved and having fun.

If you’re looking to add a dose of entertainment to a fun senior skip day, here are some fun ideas for senior skip day scavenger hunt lists!

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Even though scavenger hunts have been around forever, their popularity is ever-growing amongst all ages!  Be inspired to have a blast on your senior skip day scavenger hunt with these ideas and lists!

Planning A Senior Skip Day Scavenger Hunt

What to hunt for you may ask?  The list of ideas is endless.  You can get as creative and as lengthy as you want to get with a scavenger hunt list.  You can choose from an array of generated scavenger hunt lists or you can create and customize the list according to where it will be held.

Do you want the hunt to be inclusive to one specific location or would you be traveling the town to find and perform the items on the list?  Will you be dividing into teams or completing individually?  If divided into teams, it’s a great idea for each team to pick a team leader.  No matter how you plan the senior skip day scavenger hunt, be sure to include some cool and thrilling challenges in there!

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Apps For Senior Scavenger Hunt

There are many apps and platforms to plan and scale the scavenger hunts to your liking.  Here you can put teams together, find pre-generated hunt lists, and simplify the planning of a scavenger hunt.  These also offer the usage of photos, videos, chatting, and QR codes.

1. Goosechase App

If you’re a little overwhelmed by ideas, download the Goosechase app.  This app has preset lists and it’s interactive to where teams can set up a chat and stay in communication along the scavenger hunt!

2. Scavify App

The Scavify app is another interactive app that revolutionizes scavenger hunts!

3. Eventzee App

Another great app that allows you to customize your senior skip day scavenger hunt with all of the interactive features that the other apps have.

Senior Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

For the senior skip day scavenger hunt, don’t be shy to mix it up!  You can select just one or all: tangible items to find, challenges to perform, and digital as well as virtual tasks to complete.

You can even drive it home with a road rally and take the senior skip day scavenger hunt on the road!

Shake up the hunt with a concoction like this to create the recipe for the ultimate senior skip day scavenger hunt.

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4. Find A Gumball Machine

This one may be harder than it sounds.

5. Locate A Heart-Shaped Rock

Find a rock that resembles a heart.

6. Make A Human Pyramid

Be ready to laugh, this one is usually quite entertaining!

7. Take A Selfie With Someone In A Red Shirt

The majority of the shirt must be red, but it can have lettering or a logo on it.

8. Photo In Front Of Yellow Or Blue Front Door

Scour the side streets and see how fast you can find a yellow or blue door.

9. Snapshot Of Someone Walking Their Dog

Extra points if you take a selfie with them!

10. Find A Local Park And Take A Photo On A Slide

Slide on over to the park and say cheese!

11. Grab Some Ice Cream

Take a pic in front of any place that sells ice cream.

12. Do A Dance

Get your team to do a video of any TikTok dance on video

13. Business Card

Find someone who will give you their business card.  Gain an extra point if they’ll let you take a selfie with them!

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Senior Scavenger Hunt Still At School

Have you decided against skipping the day of school, but still want to knock off a senior scavenger hunt from your bucket list?  Here are some kickass ideas for an “at school” scavenger hunt!

14. Take A Photo With The School Mascot

Be sure to attend that pep rally or sports game so you can catch the mascot!

15. Find 3 Students In Each Class Year (Not Senior)

Locate a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior.  Take photos with each of them!

16. Find The Cost To Attend UCLA (Room & Board)

Hop online to get the answer!

17. American Flag Photo

Show your patriotism by grabbing a selfie in front of the American flag.

18. Take A Photo With Fave Teacher

Find your all-time fave teacher throughout high school and grab a snapshot with them!

19. List 3 Colleges In The USA Offering Engineering Degree

Grab your phone and Google colleges within the states that offer an engineering degree.

20. Photo In Front Of Exit Sign

Once you see an exit sign, take a snapshot in front of it.

21. Nurse

Take a trip to the nurse, but not for your own health this time…to grab a photo of them!

22. Rude Teacher

Or maybe a teacher that you think students will be better off if they were to retire.

23. Principal or Dean

Whichever you can find, take a selfie with them!

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Indoor Senior Ditch Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you want to keep your senior scavenger hunt inside, I’ve got you covered – here are some awesome location ideas for your senior skip day!

24. Mall

Spend your senior skip day at a mall (that’s still open for business of course).  Have a list to include items such as ketchup packets, napkins with a restaurant’s logo on them, an application for a retail store, etc.

25. Museum

Depending on the museum, put together a scavenger hunt list.  You can likely find one online for certain larger museums!

26. Dollar Store

You’d be surprised how much fun you can have on a scavenger hunt in a dollar store alone!

27. Grocery Store

How fast can you find all the items on the scavenger hunt list in the grocery store?

28. Virtual From Home

Grab your friends and see who can run to grab an item and return it to their computer the fastest once the item is announced!

29. Aquarium

Dive into your senior scavenger hunt at an aquarium.

30. Hotel

Whether you choose to make it an overnight stay or not, pick a hotel nearby that has all the amenities to complete the hunt!

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Ultimate Theme Ideas For Senior Scavenger Hunts

Want to give your senior scavenger hunt a cool theme, and maybe even have your friends dress up for it? Here are some great theme ideas you might not have thought of!

31. Graduation

No greater theme for seniors than graduation!

32. Sports

You can even specify a particular sport if you choose.

33. Alphabet

Finding items, or songs, or different categories that start with each letter of the alphabet.

34. Colors

Have a color theme for the items that need to be found.

35. Throwback Theme

70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, have an era be your throwback theme.

36. Selfie

A senior scavenger hunt of selfies…I mean, how fun is that!

37. Movie

Whether you want to pick one movie or have a general movie theme, there are plenty of scavenger hunt items to be found.

38. Books

For all those bookworms, here’s the theme for you!  All you need is a library.

39. Music

Showcase your talent, skills, and/or knowledge with a music-themed scavenger hunt.

40. Around Town

Go downtown where there are multiple stores, restaurants, and people to assist you in knocking off your scavenger hunt list.

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Safety Tips Skip Day

Here are a few final tips and tricks for senior scavenger hunts that I just had to share with you.

41. Safety First

But you’re old enough to know that, so there’s that.

42. Think Outside The Box But Play Within The Rules

Let your creativity and imagination take off, just like you are from school.

43. Have A Kickass Time

This is a rule of life though, so make the most of it!

So, what are you waiting for? Use some of these great ideas to plan the perfect day off from high school!

You only get one senior skip day, after all. Fill yours with an unforgettable scavenger hunt with your friends.  Make this day exciting and monumental by planning it now!