Inside: 47 Sweet Valentines Gifts for Teens + Tweens

While the practice of handing out Valentine’s Day cards and treats in school has likely died out, that hasn’t stopped our “almost-grown” teenagers from wanting to celebrate the sweetest day of the year with their friends.

Here are 47 of the most thoughtful and romantic presents for teenagers on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a child, you’ll find plenty of cute gift ideas here that are inexpensive.

Check out our favorites!

Presents for Teenagers Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day of love…and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. I have loved Valentine’s Day ever since I was a kid, and I have continued to love it throughout my entire life. Yes, that even includes my awkward, loveless teenage years.

I credit this longstanding love to my mother, who always made it a point to get my siblings and me little Valentine’s gifts to show us that we were loved. Whether it be a simple box of chocolates or a little token present, she never forgot, and it always made me so happy. So I thought it would be fun to help all you parents out there who don’t know what to get their need for the holiday.

Top 10 General Valentines Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Valentine don’t have to be big, extravagant, or expensive, these basic and simple ideas are perfect to pack into a goodie basket for your little valentine.

  1. Candy
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Perfume
  4. Flowers
  5. Jewelry
  6. Balloons
  7. Bath Bombs
  8. New Pajama Set
  9. Headbands
  10. Blanket

So those are the most obvious general ideas… But below is my list of the all-time sweetest Valentines gifts for teens that are creative and special. Each is unique in its own way, and I made sure to separate it into three categories:

  • Teen boys, small gifts for both sons and boyfriends here
  • Teen girls for your favorite daughter
  • And gifts for everyone

There is truly a gift for every teen you know here… take a look!

Sweetest Valentines Gift Ideas for teens

Sweetest Valentines Gifts for Teens

First up, I thought I would start with the gifts that will work for any gender. These are perfect gifts that will show your teen how much you love them, even if it’s something as simple as chocolates. I can tell you from experience that getting a box of chocolates will 100% make your teen’s day more special.

11. Pocket Hug Coin – These hug coins are super cute. Your teen can keep it on them in their pocket, and every time they see it, they will be reminded of your love.

12. Ultimate Snack Pack – We all know teens love to eat, so why not give them the ultimate snack pack? You won’t need to buy them any treats for like at least two days after giving them this.

13. If You Can Read This, Bring Me Ice Cream – If your teen is lonely on this holiday, you can get them a tub of ice cream along with these hilarious socks.

14. Cute Chocolate Box – I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, you can never go wrong with chocolate. In fact, you can only win with chocolate as long as they like it. Some people are weird and don’t like it.

15. Milano Cookie Set – Milano cookies are the fan favorite of many pepperidge farm lovers. If your teen falls into this category, then you have to get them this tub of cookies.

16. Good Chocolate Covered Pretzel – Yummy chocolate-covered pretzels…how could you ever resist eating this by yourself?

17. Yoda One For Me – If your teen loves baby Grogu, this is your opportunity to get them this hilarious shirt! I know they will appreciate it and cringe a little.

18. Lego Flower Kit Idea – This is an off-brand lego kit, but it’s cute all the same. They get to put together their own bouquet of flowers! Plus, they will never go bad. Winning!

19. Large Coffee Mug Idea – This mug is too cute. I know it’s kind of random, but it’s the gesture of gift-giving that counts.

20. Floral Neon Sign – Who doesn’t love getting flowers on Valentines Day? Why not make it extra cool and get them this floral neon sign?

Cute Valentines Day Gifts for Teens

These gift ideas are some of the most classic but still fun ideas that teens will love. From a flowery patterned laptop case, funny blanket, or fancy chocolates, this section is packed full of cool and cute gift ideas.

21. Honey Tinted Lip Balm Set

22. Double-Sided Giant Flour Tortilla Throw Blanket

23. Wildflower Rose Latte Love Laptop Bag

Cute Valentines Day Gifts for Teens

24. Polaroid Jumbo Ring Light

25. Heart to Heart Soft Pink Decorative Pillow

26. Pink Cozy Crew Socks 

27. Fancy Chocolates

28. Starbucks gift cards with cute ways to give them.

29. Bundle of Skincare

Flowers for daughters at school

Valentine Gift Ideas for Teenage Daughter

Next up, I gather some of the cutest Valentine’s Gift ideas for your teenage daughter. Each of these gifts is sweet and unique, so I know she will go absolutely nuts for these. Check them out and see which ideas you think she would like best. These fun small ideas are perfect to spoil your teen girl, from skincare, a cute heart-shaped mirror, and fun accessories. You can also create a little basket by choosing a few things to combine.

30. Inspirational Bracelet for Daughter

31. Necklace for Daughter

32. Cute Little Care Packages

33. Tassel Earring Ideas

34. Book Lover Bookmark

35. Face Masks

36. Small Jewelry Box Idea

37. Bath Bomb Gift Set

38. Sweet Initial Necklace

39. You Are My Sunshine

40. Cute Phone Case Idea

41. Lego Floral Gift Idea

42. A pedicure date with you!

43. Face Masks

44. Dainty Huggie Hoop Earrings

45. Fairy Name Necklace

Gift Ideas for Teenage Daughter Valentines Day46. Mini Hair Scrunchies

47. Sorbus Rotating Makeup Organizer

48. Heartbeat Makeup Vanity Mirror

49. Birthstone Charm Necklace

50. Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

51. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Welcome To The Wild 2X Platform Sneaker

Sweet Valentines gift ideas for sons

Valentines Gifts for Teen Boys: Son Edition

And lastly, this wouldn’t be a list of the sweetest valentines gifts for teens without something for your son. Below is a mix of hilarious and cool ideas that I know any teen boy would enjoy getting on Valentine’s Day. Take a look and consider which ones say, “I love you.” more.

52. Don’t Do Stupid Stuff Keychain – I love these hilarious keychains because you never really know what your sons are up to. Sometimes all it takes to keep them in check is a little reminder that they shouldn’t be doing stupid stuff.

53. Bluetooth Speaker Idea – You will always find a winner in gifting a Bluetooth speaker. Especially when the speaker is as cool as this one, check it out; it even lights up!

54. Light Up Frisbee Fun – Speaking of light up, if your teen loves to be active outdoors, get them this light-up frisbee. Now they can play catch in the dark!

55. Shape Shifting Box – Puzzles are such a fun gift because it’s like a fidget toy and a brain toy all wrapped up into one. This one is extra cool, take a look and see if you have ever seen anything like it. I haven’t!

56. Magnetic Dart Board – Real darts can be pretty dangerous, especially for teens, but the game of darts itself is so much fun. Now introducing the magnetic dart board for those of us with accident-prone teens in our life!

57. Gamer’s Spot, Don’t Get Too Comfortable – Most teen boys these days are into gaming in some form or another, and this pillow is perfect for them.

58. Cool Gamer Gift Box – This gift set comes with so many cool things. I am talking socks, a hat, a thermos, and even more. It’s kind of a bigger present, but it’s so cute, so why not?

59. Beanie with Headphones – This beanie is super cute and super tech-savvy. It has built-in headphones so your teen can listen to music and keep their ears warm during those cold February mornings.

60. Kawaii Cat Anime Shirt – This shirt is perfect for all the anime dorks out there, take a look and see for yourself. It is not only cute, but it’s stylish too! You really cannot go wrong. I mean, it is a kitty, after all.

Getting teen boys into a lovey holiday like Valentine is no easy task. Make them feel special anyways with these Valentine ideas for a teenage son!

61. UO Exclusive Los Angeles Dodgers Trucker Hat

62. GameStop Gift Card

63. Walnut Wireless Charger

64. Carhartt Deluxe Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

65. Beanies or Hats

Teen Boys Presents for Valentines

Valentine Ideas for Teen Boyfriend

Surprising your boyfriend is part of the fun on Valentine’s Day. Guys kind of have it easy when it comes to gifts on this special day. They can grab flowers, jewelry, or stuffed animals. Us gals have it a little tougher. Guys in general can either be VERY easy to buy or nearly impossible. Just look at these boyfriend Christmas gift ideas to get a sense of exactly how varied a guys taste in presents can be.

I believe it all depends on their hobbies and interests. No matter your boo’s favorite things, this list of fun valentines ideas is the perfect way to show them how much you care about them.

66. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

67. Coney Island Picnic Doodle Hoodie Sweatshirt

68. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

69. Your Favorite Movie Together with a Bag of Treats

70. Custom Album Cover Music Plaque

Valentines Gift Ideas for teens

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Tweens

Tweens are so fun to buy for, they are still at that fun age where colorful, cute, and themed gifts are still fun and exciting. Check out a few of our favorite valentine’s gifts for pre-teens.

71. Mini Waffle Maker Machine

72. Confetti Heart Earrings

73. Women’s High-Rise Velour Jogger Set

74. Bluetooth Banana Phone

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Tweens

75. Make Your Own Clay Earrings Kit

76. Hot Cocoa Bomb Tool Kit

77. Mini Heart Ring Holder

78. Signet Initial Ring

79. A fun cereal holder with their favorite sweet box of cereal.

80. Disco balls in a fun shape

81. Heart sunglasses that are a major Tik Tok trend this year.

More Cool Ideas Teens Will Love

If you like these sweet valentines ideas for teens then check out everything you need to know to prepare for a perfect valentines date, from nails to date ideas, these posts have it all.

  • Trendy Nail Ideas for Teens – We are obsessed with these new trendy nail trends. They are colorful, creative, and totally fun. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some challenges when it comes to this trend and teens, like cost, maintenance, and should I allow my 13-year-old to wear acrylics? Lucky for you, we have come up with the ultimate list of fun nail designs that won’t break the bank, will look good on any age of teen, and don’t require talon like nails to be done.
  • Hairstyles for Teens – From beachy waves and messy buns to epic braids and super straight sleek hair, there are literally hundreds (and hundreds) of hairstyles to inspire teen girls! So, if your favorite girl is looking for a new hairstyle this season, we’ve gathered the cutest hairstyles around to give her the inspiration she needs!
  • Cute Date Ideas for Teens – With their nails and hair done, these teens obviously need a reason to show them off (other than Instagram of course). What better way to show off your new style than on a date. These fun teen date ideas are perfect for those teens that may or may not be able to drive or lack in the money department. Each is still a blast and makes for a great first-date idea.

Valentines Jewelry Ideas for Teens

I hope you found the perfect gift for your teen and that you loved this list. Who would have thought that finding the sweetest Valentine’s gifts for teens would be so much fun? I just love love in all its forms, and it makes me happy to imagine you all making these little gestures for the people in your lives; it warms my heart.

Sometimes, the best thing that we can do to show the people we love just how much we care about them is with a little gift. These gifts will show your teens that you care about them, and I know it will make their whole day!

If you loved these Valentines gift ideas for teens and want to keep finding more Valentine’s gift inspiration, the fun doesn’t stop here. Check out these other sweet gift ideas that we have found!