Unleash the excitement for our final EVER high school spirit week. With senior spirit week ideas that we’ve used over the years to rile up the energy before the big day of graduation!

Celebrate all those years of showing up dressed to school, with one last wacky style week.

Senior Spirit Week ideas for pre-graduation fun for high schoolers.

This is an exciting time, and possibly an emotional one too.

So enjoy these final high school days. Have fun in the moments as we engrave them into our hearts and take them into the next chapter.

If you are wondering what is a spirit week & why to even have one, here are hundreds of great ideas for dress up week at school and encouraging school spirit for everyone.

Alright, let’s crank up the fun with these senior spirit week ideas for pre-grad fun the whole school will enjoy.

Kickass ideas to honor high school seniors.

Traditional Ideas To Honor High School Seniors

1. School Pride Day

Go all out by wearing as much and as many of your school colors as you can.

2. Cap Day

Practice for your big day and wear your favorite hat!

3. Senior Day

Today everyone will dress up like an old-time senior!

4. Emotions Day

Emotions are high, so sort through your clothes and accessories to express any emotion you desire!

5. Pajama Day

I mean, name a senior that doesn’t LOVE to stay in their pajamas as clothes for school all.day.long?

6. Age Day

Dress like you did as a child one last time or how you’re going to dress in your quickly approaching adulthood life.

7. Thrift Day

There’s much to do as an adult, and one is to learn how to shop on a budget.  Go to a thrift store and find an outfit that you’ll look and feel good in.

8. Stuffed Day

You’re never too old for stuffed animals.  Grab your childhood stuffed friend!

9. Future Builder

Build your future on this spirit day by wearing clothes that construction workers or builders would wear.

10. Locker Decoration Day

Deck out the senior’s lockers!

11. Crazy Day

Get crazy with your clothes, mismatch day or wild attire day, anyway you host this one it’s always great fun!

Celebratory spirit week ideas for high schoolers. Two teen girl friends sporting their senior sunset attire.

Celebratory Seniors Week

12. Recreate Picture Day

Grab a photo from your earlier elementary days to recreate.

13. Glamor Day

It may not be prom, but you’re going to have fun dressing up like you’re going to a ball.

14. Parent Day

Be a parent for the day and bring something to take care of for the day.  Parent a plant, or a doll, and be creative.

15. Future Fashion Week

You seniors are our future, so dress how you think the fashion world will go in future decades!

16. Picture Book Day

Bring your favorite picture book from childhood and dress up like one of the characters.

17. Bring It Back Day

Dive into your childhood and find something, anything that no longer exists, and bring it back.  What trend, company, or person are you going to select?

18. Cartoon Character Day

Showcase your senior spirit by dressing up as a character from your fav childhood cartoon.

19. Senior Sleep-In Day

We know how hard you work, so how about we give you one last late start day by sleeping in through 1st period?

20. State Day

Dress in a way that the state is known for, or the way you know that state.

21. Off-Campus Lunch Day

Don’t play hooky, but see how the working world will be by stepping out to lunch.

High school students having fun with a variety of senior spirit week themed days.

Senior Spirit Week Ideas For Everyone

22. School Spirit Day

Dress up as a teacher or staff member, as your school’s mascot, or something that reflects what your high school stands for.

23. Retro Day

Make it groovy with a retro throwback day that even the teachers will love.

24. Album Day

Dress up like your fav album cover that reminds you of your high school years.

25. Slipper Day

It’s almost time to kick back and relax after 4 years of high school.  Put on your slippers and chillax.

26. Summer Time

You’re about to have your 1st summer out of high school!  Brighten up the school by wearing your best beach day or summer attire!

27. Opposition

You’re going to find opposition throughout adulthood, and that’s ok.  On this day you’ll prepare for the opposition by wearing an opposing outfit as your bestie.

28. Jean Day

Scour your wardrobe to dress in jeans from head to toe.

29. Early Release Day

Get released from school 20 min early to beat the after-school rush!

30. Toga Day

Be sure to wear comfy clothing underneath.

31. Future Self Day

Write a letter to your future self for them to mail out next year to see how much you’ve grown.

32. Senior Sunrise Morning

Get treated to a nice breakfast by younger classmates and school staff. Our high school does this every year and it’s a tradition the seniors really look forward to.

High school senior spirit week ideas that will inspire.

Graduation Spirit Week Ideas

33. Career Day

If you haven’t decided on one yet, that’s ok, dress up and have fun!

34. Superhero Day

Bring out your alter-ego if you must for this entertaining spirit day and dress like your favorite superhero!

35. Generosity Day

This is a day about charity, about giving back generously.  Help a food pantry or an elderly neighbor.  Or treat your friend in need of ice cream.  It’s better to give than to get.

36. Bright Future Day

As your high school days are coming to an end, your future is looking bright!  Wear your sunglasses and a beach hat on this day!

37. Graduate-To-Be Day

Be inspired by your big day by wearing your cap and gown all day.

38. Prom Day

You have one last prom to attend, but do you still have dresses or suits that you wore to homecoming or other dances?  On this spirit day, you’re going to get a 2nd wearing out of that outfit after prom and around the school halls.

39. Bestie Day

Just like Twin Day, grab your bestie and dress alike!

40. World Traveler Day

Dress like a tourist!

41. College Day

Show your spirit in your college-bound colors!

42. Parking Space Art

Decorate the seniors’ designated parking spots to celebrate them!

43. Mom And Dad Day

As embarrassing as parents can sometimes be, they surely inspire us. Dress up like your mom or dad, hair and all.

Additional senior spirit week ideas that are fun.

Funny Grad Week Dress Up Ideas

44. Cowboy Day

Grab your Western attire to lasso in the memory-making!

45. Cross Dress Day

Go ahead and have fun dressing as the opposite gender on this spirit day!

46. Movie Day

Whoever your all-time fav character is from a movie, dress up like them, possibly even talk like them.

47. Foodie Day

Dress up like your fav food, you’ll feel delicious!

48. Animal Day

Whatever your fav furry friend is, or not furry, costume and accessorize accordingly to showcase your favorite animal.

49. Advise Day

Snatch some colorful post-its and write down advice for the younger classmates.  Plaster them all over the school walls for them to see.

50. 80’s Day

Grab your boombox, throw on your neon colors, and don’t forget to use a bottle of Aquanet!

51. Tacky Day

Dive into your closet and wear anything that you can find that’s tacky.  Wear anything mismatched that clashes with the colors, and possibly peek in your parent’s closet.

52. Pattern Day

Pick a pattern, any pattern, many patterns…the sky’s the limit!

53. Wacky Hair Day

Do you look back in dread at some photos from your childhood where you had a bad or wacky hairdo?  That’s what this spirit day is about, wack out your hair!

Make the most out of your last EVER high school spirit week and have your camera ready for some kickass selfies and group photos!