Inside: Best Valentines Spirit Week ideas you need to put into play. 

I know that you have heard of spirit week when it comes to high school, but have you heard of Valentine’s spirit week?

Valentine’s Spirit Week was one of my all-time favorite weeks during high school. It wasn’t about the chocolates or the romance. I was just happy to have a reason to celebrate in the middle of my school year! It also didn’t hurt that this was 5 full days of fun activities that broke up the monotony that was High School.

Valentines Spirit Week Ideas

There are many different themed days that you will find on the Valentines Spirit Week roster, but there are a few that are the most popular. Today I will be focussing on those when I show you over 30 Valentines spirit week ideas for you to look through!

But first, I guess we should go over what exactly Valentines spirit week is if it isn’t obvious enough.

What is Valentines Spirit Week?

Well, I am glad you asked! So regular spirit week typically takes place in the first half of the year, while Valentine’s spirit happens during…you guessed it…Valentines day. I much preferred this spirit week because it fell around the time that I would start to get burned out.

For this week, the school has 5 designated themed days that the students get to participate. There are many different themes that schools can go with(most if not all of them surround Valentine’s day), but there are three that are most popular amongst all schools:

  • Couples Day – For couples day, all of the couples in the school get to dress up in a couple’s costume and show up to school. It doesn’t have to be like a Halloween costume, though that is allowed. They just have to match in some way to show that they are dating. This day will be Valentines Day if the holiday happens to land during the school week.
  • Formal Day – This one is lots of fun. On this day, students are challenged to come to school wearing formal clothes. I am talking formal, as in ready for a ball, type of clothes. It’s a nice little way to switch things up and it’s super fun for everyone!
  • Pink Day – No, this is not an alternative cover band for the band Green Day, but that would be interesting, wouldn’t it? Pink Day is a day when all students have to come to school wearing pink.

These are the three that I will be focussing on today, seeing as they are the most popular. So without further ado, let’s jump into some ideas for you to look through to get inspiration for your own Valentine’s Spirit Week Ideas!

Valentines Spirit Week: Couples Day

Okay, if you find yourself Boo’s up on couples day, you have to take a look at some of these ideas. They range from casual to super cute and try-hardy in the best way possible. Send some of your favorite ideas to your person to see which ones they think will be perfect!

1. Matching Colors

2. Matching Pajamas – Some Valentine’s Spirit Week’s include a pajama day, so this idea can be used for both days. Plus you get to be super comfy!

3. Funny Matching Pizza Shirts

4. Favorite Superhero – I love this. Many couples love to watch movies together, so if you and your person like to watch Superhero movies, then perhaps consider dressing up as your favorite hero!

5. Matching Pajama Onesies – Yep, you are never too old for onesies! Look at how adorable this couple is, and you know they are enjoying being at school in max comfort and max style.

6. Football and Cheerleader

7. Matching Sweatshirts – Simple and Cute, one of the best ways to go on a couple’s day.

8. Winnie the Pooh

9. Up Funny Couple Costumes – If you are a comedic couple, then perhaps this is the costume for you. The question is…who is going to be the old man?

10. Cute Student Section

11. Cute Looney Tunes Costumes – This one is based on many of our childhoods, and I am here for it! Take a look!

Valentines Spirit Week Ideas

Formal Day Outfit Idea

I think this one is my favorite day of the whole bunch because it feels magical. Imagine a world where you had to dress up super formally every day for school…how cool would that be? Okay, maybe it would be nice sometimes, but I bet it would get old. But the good news is that you get to experience it for one day only: Make it count!

12. White Formal Fit

13. Cute Matching Formal Wear

14. Pink Couple Outfits

15. Blue Dress Idea

16. Light Purple Formal Dress

17. Cute Shiney Dress

18. Epic Red Dress

19. Fairytale Sparkly Dress

20. 2 Formal Dress Ideas

21. Yellow Dress Idea

22. Light Blue Long Dress

Pink Day Ideas

Valentines Spirit Week: Pink Day

Pink Day is a simple one, so I thought we could end with an easy note for this article. These are some cute pink outfits that will make you seem more put together than if you simply wore a pink T-Shirt. I think by the end of this list, you’ll be asking yourself why you don’t wear pink more often!

23. Cute Pink Pants Outfit – Instead of going to the classic T-Shirt, switch it up by choosing some pink pants instead! Aren’t these super cool?

24. Light Pink Dress Idea

25. Pink Overall Idea – Pink overalls…are you kidding me? I am in love with these, and I may have to get some for myself. Take a look!

26. Light Pink Sweats – If you want to go cute but comfy, these pink sweats are the way to go. Seriously…check these out because they look amazing.

27. Cute Heart Outfit – I love the little hearts on this outfit. They go perfectly with the theme of the week, which is Valentines Day and Love!

28. Pink Yoga Pants

29. Full Pink Outfit Idea – This person did not pull back at all; they went all in! I love it, though, do you think you would go with a monotone pink look?

30. Pink Pants with Hearts

31. Smiley Face Sweater – This is the kind of sweater that you could wear all year…not just on Pink Day!

32. Sweet Pink Hoodie – This is such a cute pink hoodie. Take a look to see if you would like it!

33. Strawberry Jam Crewneck

Valentines Spirit Week Ideas

And there you have it; now you know what Valentine’s Spirit Week is, and you have some baseline ideas to help kickstart your creative process. Remember that you can always use all of these ideas as a baseline for your own ideas!

Valentine’s Spirit Week is something I used to look forward to when I was in High School, and I hope you feel the same. These ideas just reminded me how much fun I had, and it made me happy to think that these traditions still go on. So be in the moment and have fun; these are the days that you will look back on.

If you enjoyed this, maybe you would enjoy some of our other spirit week ideas; we have plenty of them! So take a look and see if any of these themed days will be on the docket for you this year!