91 Epic Backyard Graduation Party Ideas

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Inside: Amazing backyard graduation party ideas that will show your little graduate how proud you are. Graduating High School was an achievement that I was so very proud of. I think a lot of the time; our society sells the idea that High School is the least a teen can do. So when they do […]

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33 Best 15th Birthday Ideas For Teen Girls

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Inside: Best 15th birthday idea for teen girls including games food & all the party fun. Turning 15 is a big deal. I understand it feels like such a weird middle birthday, like your 19th…but it isn’t. 15 is when you are finally turning into a real teenager! I mean, sure, the word teen has […]

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41 Best 14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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Inside: Top 14 year old birthday party ideas your teen will love. So… your teen is turning 14; how fun! My twins just turned this age and although my son was over parties and just wanted to go to 6 Flags with his buddy, my daughter was still very into the idea. This may not […]

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41 Great Icebreakers Activities for High School Students

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Inside: Best Icebreakers activities for High School Students. We have all been there… you know it well. That first day of a new club or group, we show up and awkwardly stand around waiting for the meeting to start, only to have it begin with the teacher announcing that for the first day, we are […]

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21 Must Have Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Teenager

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Inside: Adorable Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Teenager Ideas. I am very happy to report that Christmas is around the corner. I know, I know, time flies…how did we get here so quickly? Well, what is important now is that you prepare to have the very best holiday that you can ever have! How do you […]

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How To Win The Number Questions Game – 10 Tips

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Inside: Ultimate guide to the number questions game. If you are looking for a fun icebreaker that will help you get to know the people you hang around with a little better, then look no further than the number questions game! This is a super simple game that you can play with just a pen, […]

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37 Epic Teen Halloween Activities

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Inside: Epic teen Halloween activities for a super fun Halloween. I think one of the saddest times in life is those awkward in-between years when you are a teen, especially around Halloween. It’s when you start to feel awkward about knocking on doors to trick or treating and start to doubt whether you are too […]

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18 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Teens

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Inside: Fun thanksgiving crafts for teens to make the holiday more special. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays out there, but there aren’t very many traditions you can participate in that aren’t cooking, eating, or watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. So if you are looking for something to get you and your teens involved […]

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53 Spooky Halloween Games for Teenagers

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Inside: Spooky Halloween games for teenagers that will give them fond memories to look back on. Getting older can be so hard at times. I remember that first Halloween when I questioned whether or not I was too old to go trick or treating or if I should even dress up. It was stressful. I […]

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